Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 115 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 115 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 115 Start

Seeing Harold was calling, Elsa didn’t want to pick it up.

She didn’t have a good impression of Harold, and she could see that Harold’s motive was nothing more than to get close to her and achieve the purpose of attracting her.

However, she really didn’t have any interest in such people, so she hung up the phone directly.

But Harold persevered. After a few consecutive times, Elsa reluctantly picked it up and asked coldly: “Harold, are you okay?”

Harold hurriedly said, “Elsa, I heard that you were transferred to the sales director?”

Elsa asked in surprise: “Wow you are so well informed?”

Harold smiled and said, “I happen to have a few friends working in your Emgrand Group. They said they had received new appointments from the company, so they told me.”

“Yeah.” Elsa said: “I am now the sales director.”

“Congratulations! Congratulations!” Harold said excitedly: “This position is with real power, and there is a lot to do! You are really lucky this time!”

Elsa said lightly: “Thank you.”

Harold said again: “Elsa, you see, you have been in Aurous Hill for some time, the previous time in Classic Mansion, the trouble was quite unpleasant, in order to express my apology, I want to invite you to dinner again, just today You have moved to the post of sales director again. It is a happy day. It should be celebrated. What do you think?”

Elsa said, “But I might have to work overtime tonight”

Harold said: “Elsa, this happy event is to be celebrated in time. Otherwise, you won’t feel this joy tomorrow. You don’t have many friends in Aurous Hill. I would not as well just find a place for the two of us to celebrate. what do you think?”

Elsa was slightly moved.

To be honest, she really wanted to celebrate.

However, Claire couldn’t come, and she didn’t know who to celebrate with for a while.

Now that Harold took the initiative to call, he could be regarded as giving himself a choice.

Although Harold is a bit hypocritical, it is better for two people to celebrate than one.

Thinking of this, Elsa said: “Then you can send me the address.”

“Okay, I’ve made a reservation at the Aurous Hill Hotel. After you arrive, just report my name.”

Elsa nodded and said: “Okay, then I’ll be over in a while.”

Elsa left the company and took a taxi to the Aurous Hill Hotel.

Although it is not as good as Classic Mansion, it can be regarded as one of the top restaurants in Aurous Hill.

At this time, Harold was wearing a suit, arranging his oily head, and standing at the door with a gentle manner, waiting for Elsa.

However, the bandage on his hand completely destroyed the atmosphere he deliberately created.

Elsa’s upper body casual clothes, lower body jeans, a youthful scene, the moment she got out of the car, she attracted all her eyes.

Harold and You Rongyan hurriedly greeted them and said, “Elsa, you are looking so beautiful today, please come in, you are all ready.”

“Thank you.” Elsa smiled politely.

The two were seated and soon the food was served.

Harold asked the waiter to bring a bottle of top-notch red wine and complimented him: “Elsa, today is a great day, so you have to drink something to celebrate!”

Elsa hurriedly said: “Don’t drink the wine, let’s have something else.”

“How about that!”

Harold originally wanted to take the opportunity to get Elsa drunk and see if he could find a chance to start, but Elsa refused to drink as soon as he came up with this idea, which made him extremely disappointed.

Elsa waved her hand and said, “I’m sorry Harold, I’m not feeling well, so I really don’t drink it anymore. I will drink some when I have a chance next time.”