Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 122 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 122 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 122 Start

This stone, accidentally fell out, right?

Elsa immediately grasped it like a treasure.

If she never sees him again, then this stone is the only token he left to her.

After Elsa was taken to the hospital by ambulance, her injuries were not serious after diagnosis.

The doctor who treated didn’t know that she had undergone Charlie’s initial treatment, and was extremely surprised at her injury.

Judging from the stab wound on her leg, it can be seen that the tendon is ruptured, and damaged.

But for Elsa’s skin and flesh injuries, the tendons and veins inside were intact, as if they had been reconnected, the veins and tendons were stronger.

The doctor told her: “You can recover from your injury after a few days of rest. To be honest, this is really incredible. Did you do any special treatment for the wound?”

Elsa thought about the mysterious person, but she said: “I didn’t do anything special.”

The doctor sighed, “That’s amazing!”

Having said that, the doctor said again: “By the way, I have notified the police and they will come soon. You can tell them about the attack.”

Elsa nodded gently.

The police came quickly.

It was the senior executives of the Emgrand Group who took a serious injury.

Among the police officers who came, someone knew the Willson family and knew she was a guest of the Willson family, so they notified the family as well.

At the Willson family villa at this time, a large family is discussing what should be done.

Harold told them that something went wrong with Elsa, but did not say that it was because of him. The Old Mrs. Willson still felt that this was a good opportunity for the Willson family to perform. She must find a way to find Elsa, rescue her, and give Harold an extra Add drama to help him capture Elsa’s heart.

When she heard that she was in the hospital, Lady Willson was immediately disappointed and exclaimed: “If Harold could seize this hero’s chance to save her, it would have been great!”

After speaking, she immediately said to everyone: “Come, let’s go to the hospital and see!”

Harold had no bottom in his heart, but he could only bite the bullet and go to the hospital with his family.

On the way, Harold had already thought about excuses, but he didn’t know if Elsa would buy it.

Upon arriving at the hospital and seeing Elsa, Harold immediately showed a strong surprise on his face, and hurriedly stepped forward: “Elsa, are you okay? I was about to call my dad and take someone to save you.”

“Help me?” A hint of irony flashed across Elsa’s cold face, and said lightly: “I was almost killed by you!”

Harold hurriedly explained: “Elsa, don’t get me wrong. I was trying to attract their attention. After all, the person they were looking for was me, not you. I thought they wouldn’t do anything to you.”

Elsa snorted coldly and was too lazy to speak with Harold, because she had already seen the face of this person thoroughly, only thinking about how to go far away from him in the future.

Seeing that Elsa didn’t blame him anymore, thinking she believed his statement, Harold looked up and down Elsa and saw that she was surrounded by a men’s jacket. He frowned, “Elsa, where are your pants?”

Elsa was full of disgust, didn’t want to talk to him at all, and said coldly: “It has nothing to do with you!”

Old Mrs. Willson’s shrewd eyes swept over Elsa’s body, staring at the men’s jacket on her, and stepped forward and asked: “Elsa, if you have anything, you can tell grandma, that group of people didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Elsa said blankly: “They stabbed me. Fortunately, a young man who passed by saved me. Because I had a leg injury, he helped me treat it. The pants were torn and he took off his jacket. Give it to me, why, there is a problem?”

“Young man?” Old Mrs. Willson was shocked.

A young man rescued Elsa, which is not so good! In case Elsa feels good about the young man, wouldn’t her precious grandson Harold has no chance?

Harold also said jealously at this time: “Elsa, how did the other party treat you? Did he take off your pants and treat you?”

Elsa sneered and said sarcastically, “What does it have to do with you?”