Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 128 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 128 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 128 Start

“It is good!”

After a while, a top-heavy civilian helicopter roared up.

In the helicopter, sitting Issac and ten masters in black.

His expression is extremely ugly. d*mn, there are still people who dare to do something to the young lady in this one-third of an acre in Aurous Hill. He is really looking for death!

The helicopter was extremely fast, and it was upstairs to Claire’s house in a flash.

Charlie rushed to the rooftop, climbed directly into the helicopter, and immediately said to Issac: “Hurry up at the fastest speed!”

At this time, in Tianhao Building Materials Group.

Seeing that Claire was already unable to struggle, Tianhao laughed excitedly, and immediately stretched out his hands, wanting to take off Claire’s clothes!

At this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open by a few people!

An ugly, but aggressive woman rushed in with a few men who looked like bodyguards!

Seeing that Tianhao was about to take off Claire’s clothes, the woman was extremely angry and blurted out, “Tianhao! You dare to eat without me!”

Tianhao was frightened suddenly!

Why did you find this yellowface woman?

Tianhao didn’t know that almost all the people around him were bought by his wife. Every day he went and who came to him, his wife knew exactly where he went what he did, whom he met.

Hearing that Claire came to Tianhao, his wife immediately became vigilant.

Claire was a famous beauty in Aurous Hill. Because his wife was so ugly, she hated the beauty most. Hearing that Claire was here, she immediately set out to the office.


As soon as she arrived, she found out that her husband was going to get together with Claire!

Tianhao was shocked at this time, and hurriedly said: “Wife! Wife, listen to me. Let me explain! It was she who seduced me!”

Claire’s face was flushed with redness and her clothes were a little untidy, she was immediately angry and cursed: “d*mn! You dog men and women! None of you can escape today!”

Having said that, she immediately said to the bodyguards around her: “Get me the dog and the b!tch!”

Several bodyguards rushed up immediately, grasped Tianhao firmly, and held Claire with their hands behind their back.

Lianpo first rushed to Tianhao, slapped in the face, and yelled: “You [email protected]! Our Feng family treats you very well. Without our family, you still don’t know which public toilet to use. Yeah, you still dare to betray me!”

As Lianpo said, she beat him hard, shaking angrily.

Tianhao was screaming and cried, “My wife, don’t blame me, you really can’t blame me! blame this vixen, she seduced me!”

Lianpo asked coldly: “You tell me clearly what is going on!”

Tianhao hurriedly explained: “This Claire, there is a problem with the cash outflow at home, so she wants to come to me on credit for 10 million building materials. Our factory never credits, you know, and I never give anyone credit opportunity”

Speaking of this, Tianhao pointed at Claire angrily and cursed: “This shameless vixen, seeing that I refused her, she said that he would accompany me to sleep, hoping that I could give her building materials on credit.”

Lianpo asked coldly: “Then you go up and get ready to sleep with her?”

“I didn’t!” Tianhao said bitterly, “I was just confused for a while, but nothing really happened between me and her!”

Lianpo was so annoyed that she stepped forward to Claire and looked at her, who was already a little confused. She raised her hand and slapped her severely: “Smelly b!tch! Do you dare to seduce my husband and see me today? I won’t kill you? I will not only kill you! I will destroy your sorrowful face!”