Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 179 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 179 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 179 Start

When Noah Willson heard this, he suddenly thought that Jacob was deliberately running him with words, blowing his beard and staring angrily, and said: “Jacob is OK, why do you say such things? Don’t you just want to live in Tomson first grade villa now? Isn’t this just getting up with me?”

Jacob was stunned: “What? I live in Tomson’s first-class villa? Big brother, don’t you always use me to ridicule me?”

Elaine was also confused: “Brother, are you making a mistake? Is there any misunderstanding in this?”

Noah Willson pointed at Charlie, and said with a displeased expression: “Your son-in-law has made a reservation for first-class villa, let him talk about the specifics!”

Elaine and Jacob were both dumbfounded, they looked at Charlie in astonishment, and asked with unbelievable faces: “Charlie, what your uncle said is true? Did you really get a Tomson first-class villa?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Parents, there is indeed a villa, which is given to me by someone for helping him.”

“Who gave it?” Elaine blurted out with a look of ecstasy in her eyes.

Charlie said: “I helped a friend solve some feng shui problems, and he gave me a villa.”

Elaine was extremely excited and blurted out: “Take us to visit this villa! d*mn! Tomson’s villa, I can’t even dream of it!”

Claire pulled Charlie a hand at this time, and asked in a low voice, “Charlie, what is going on?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said in a low voice: “Someone really gave me a villa. If you don’t believe it, let’s go and see it now.”

When Elaine looked at her eldest brother and sister-in-law again, she felt a sense of superiority in her heart!


If you buy a large apartment, just follow me and let me come to accompany you to see the house. Now it’s alright. I’m going to live in the Tomson Villa area soon. I’ve been pressed by you for such a long time. Turned over to be Mastered!

So she deliberately smiled and said: “Oh, eldest brother and sister, Harold and Wendy, since you are all here, why don’t we visit this villa together, what do you think?”

Noah wished to leave immediately, but his wife Horiyah still grabbed him, winked at him, and said to Elaine, “Okay, in that case, let’s go and see!”

As she said, she lowered her voice and said in her husband’s ear: “I will take some photos and videos later and show them to the Lady Willson. If the Lady Willson sees this villa, she will naturally ask them to come over. Is it not right?”

Noah Willson’s eyes suddenly lit up!

It turns out that his wife has a working idea!

It’s wonderful!

So Charlie took a group of people and walked into the villa area of ​​Tomson.

As soon as they entered the villa area, everyone kept looking around. The environment in the villa area was several times better than the high-rise residences outside, and it was extremely refined.

“Charlie, where is your villa?” Wendy asked loudly on purpose.

Charlie took the key, walked past Wendy, smiled and walked to the villa in front: “This is the one, a05.”

Under the eyes of everyone, Charlie didn’t change his face, took the key to open the door of the villa, and gently pushed.

The door squeaked open to both sides, and the exquisite garden scene inside was immediately presented to everyone.


The door lock opened.

Wendy was stunned!

Harold and his parents were all dumbfounded!

Claire also held her breath, rubbed her eyes vigorously with her hand, and looked forward.

In the garden, there is a magnificent and spacious luxury villa in the middle of the garden with pavilions, flowers and trees.

“This is too luxurious, right?” Noah Willson was the first to recover and exclaimed in shock.

Harold’s expression was very ugly, and he said angrily: “Who would give you such a good villa? I don’t believe it!!”

“You can’t help it if you don’t believe it, but this villa is indeed given to me.” Charlie was too lazy to explain.

Wendy glared at Charlie fiercely, “hum” with anger, and said sourly, “Charlie, are you worthy of such an expensive villa?”

Charlie smiled and said, “It has nothing to do with you.”

The crowd was silent in the open space at the gate of the villa.

No one could think that the owner of the most expensive villa in Aurous Hill was actually Charlie! !