Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 185 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 185 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 185 Start

When the Old Mrs. Willson was dreaming of living in the Tomson Villa, Noah Willson rubbed her hands and said with a long sigh: “Mom, I plan to send someone to Eastcliff in the near future, and invite Elsa’s family to come as a guest. Then tell them cryptically, hoping that they will engage Elsa to Harold, what do you think?”

“Dong’s family” Mrs. Willson sighed and said, “Last time Harold left Elsa and ran away by himself, I guess Elsa has a big opinion of him now!”

Noah said: “I think this little thing is harmless. This family and that family are themselves a complement to each other. What everyone values ​​is the future development prospects. Although our Willson family is not comparable to the Dong family, we have got the Emgrand Group. The cooperation between the two parties is still promising in the future. Maybe the Dong family will agree to this marriage.

Old Mrs. Willson thought for a while, nodded and said: “In this case, you try to invite them to see if the Dong family are interested in coming to Aurous Hill as a guest.”

“Okay!” Noah hurriedly said again: “Mom, the Dong family is a big family. If we don’t have a decent villa and we lose face in front of the Dong family, it won’t work.”

After speaking, he said again: “If you can get the Tomson first-class villa from Charlie’s hands, then the Dong family will be a guest. Seeing the Tomson first-class villa, you will also take a high look at our Willson family. You said What?”

Old Mrs. Willson nodded.

People rely on clothing, exuberance of gold, and living standards in a villa of more than 100 million worth. It will naturally greatly improve the family’s face.

In addition, she was coveting Charlie’s first-class Tomson villa in her heart. This was just a chance to start.

So she said majestically: “Bring your brother’s family to the old house tomorrow! I will tell them personally!”

Brother Harold glanced at each other, and was delighted.

Now Jacob’s family relies on the company for food, and Jacob’s family is under the family. As long as the Lady Willson speaks, how can Jacob’s family stand?

The Lady Willson asked them to surrender the villa, dare they say a word?

With the Lady Willson’s preference for her own home, as long as this villa comes from Charlie’s hands, it will be her own in the future!

Early the next morning, Jacob led his daughter and son-in-law and hurried to the old house of the Willson family.

Claire opened the car door and asked, “Dad, grandma specifically called you to go there. Didn’t she say anything important?”

“I’ll talk about it if I go.” Jacob said: “And your uncle Noah will also come along.”

Charlie’s brows frowned, and seeing the battle, it seemed that there was nothing good.

Claire said angrily: “What else can happen, I guess it must be the villa.”

“About the villa, Charlie will explain it to your grandma in a while.”

Jacob didn’t think too much, got into the car and urged Charlie to drive.

At 9:30, the car drove to the door of Willson’s old house.

The family walked into the hall, Charlie glanced around, frowning slightly.

He saw the Old Mrs. Willson sitting in the middle chair, with Noah standing next to her, and Harold brother and sister standing on the other side.

In addition to them, there are several relatives of the elders of the Willson family sitting on both sides of the main room, and several younger generations of the Willson family standing on both sides, staring at them.

Isn’t it just the trivial matter of traveling that has a three-counseling framework?

Jacob is as his name suggests, he is very honest at ordinary times, and he can’t beat a bullsh*t with three sticks.