Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 222 Free Novel

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  • Feb 14, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 222 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 222 Start

Qiang Han sat behind his desk, with his legs on the table, holding his mobile phone with interest, and flirting with several women on a mobile app. At this moment, the phone buzzed and a text message popped up.

Qiang Han was impatient for a while, reluctantly opened the text message, and saw the interview plan sent by the personnel department.

After that, his brows immediately frowned, and his face was shocked.

After reading the text message, he sneered mockingly, picked up the phone and shook the people around him: “Guess, who has the letter?”

On the sofa in front of Qiang Han, there was a man and a woman sitting on the sofa. It was Juan and Jianhua who came to cheat on Qiang Han.

Juan wore a tight skirt with a low-cut, hot waves, showing an enchanting look all over her body. While picking her nails, she asked: “Who?”

“Charlie and Claire!” After Qiang Han finished speaking, he immediately let out a disdainful cry, and said with a smile: “It’s really strange that Claire wants to send us a letter to apply for the job.”

Jianhua said dissatisfied: “Why did she come?”

Juan said: “I heard from Claire yesterday that she and Charlie have been kicked out of the Willson family. She must come out to find a job.”

Jianhua snorted coldly: “Qiang Han, this rubbish was able to pretend to be coercive yesterday, causing me and Juan to be beaten up. You have to help us out!”

Qiang Han said disdainfully: “I used to think that Charlie was very upset, but now his wife still wants to write a letter to apply for a job? It’s a dream!”

With that said, Qiang Han tidied up his clothes and said lightly: “You are waiting here, I will now reject Claire and let her go straight away!”

Upon hearing this, Juan and Jianhua showed smirking smiles. Now, let’s see how Claire and Charlie cry!

Qiang Han walked out of the office and went directly to the conference room dedicated to interviews.

In the conference room at this time, there were three interviewers sitting, and it was Claire who was interviewing.

“Hello, Mr. Qiang Han!”

When the three interviewers saw Qiang Han coming in, they quickly stood up and bowed.

Qiang Han deliberately exclaimed at Claire: “Oh! Claire! Why are you here?”

Claire was also surprised and said, “It’s been a long time since I saw you Qiang Han.”

Qiang Han glanced at Claire faintly, then smiled and nodded: “Long time no see.”

Then he said directly to the three interviewers: “You can go out, here I will be interviewing.”

“Mr. Qiang Han, is this bad?”

“What’s wrong, can’t I still decide that a small interview will fail?”

“OK President Qiang Han!”

Qiang Han is an executive of Xinhe. Of course, the interviewer did not dare to offend him, and immediately left the conference room.

Seeing this, Claire was very puzzled. What Qiang Han meant was that they were all old classmates. Is he trying to open a back door for himself?

“Claire, I heard that you are applying for the job this time, I rushed over here specially.”

As Qiang Han said, he looked at Claire unceremoniously, and secretly regretted that Claire was so beautiful and of good figure, but she was much stronger than those women on mobile apps.

It’s a pity that she turned out to be Charlie’s Rubbish woman!