Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 298 Free Novel

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  • Feb 17, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 298 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 298 Start

Gao Junwei laughed angrily: “Charlie, the more you pretend, the more addicted you are, right? You don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself. You are hairy, what qualifications to ride in this car?”

Juan also said disdainfully: “Claire, it’s really hard for you to marry such a boastful and non-draft Rubbish.

Claire’s face was very helpless, and the gaze looking at Charlie was also a little disappointed.

Is this guy’s brain broken when he says such inconsequential words on this occasion?

Charlie didn’t bother to explain, took out two wearable bracelet keys from his pocket, held them in his hand, shook Limo, who was in charge of the auto show, and said lightly: “Do you recognize these two things?”

When Limo saw the smart bracelet key that Charlie took out, he was completely confused.

Thinking of what Qin Gang said on the phone, he suddenly snorted.

d*mn it!

Could this young man be Mr. Charlie, Mr. Wade?


It seems to call him Charlie!

So he hurriedly bowed deeply and said humbly: “Hello Mr. Wade! Limo salutes Mr. Wade and has seen Mr. Wade!”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly flashed over, pointed at the two supercars behind, respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, your two cars are ready, you can drive away at any time. If you don’t want to drive, we can help you transport them. Home!”

Everyone around was stunned.

Gao Junwei’s eyes were about to fall to the ground, but Juan was shocked!

Even Gao Junwei dared to hit someone who saw Charlie bow and salute like a grandson, and called him Mr. Wade?

What is even more incredible is that, according to what he meant, these two supercars belonged to Charlie? !

What exactly is going on?

Claire was also dumbfounded, and for a while, she didn’t understand what happened.

However, thinking that Solmon White had given Charlie a big villa, she suddenly guessed the outline in her heart.

This Charlie must have gone to show Feng Shui to the rich again and fool others!

At this time, Gao Junwei hurriedly said to Limo: “Manager Limo, you must be mistaken. This person is Charlie, a well-known poor son-in-law of the Aurous Hill Willson family, not a master Wade at all.”

Juan also looked at the manager flatly and blurted out: “Manager, look at Charlie, who is so poor, how can he be like someone who can afford such an expensive sports car? Maybe, he brought counterfeit keys and dare to come to the auto show and pretend to be forced, you must not be fooled by him.”

Charlie snorted and took Claire who was silly on the spot and walked towards the Aston Martin one77.

The security guard who wanted to protect the car to the death and prevent it from being touched by other people just now, seeing Limo being so polite to Charlie, naturally gave way.

Charlie took Claire’s hand and walked to the driving position of the Aston Martin one77. The bracelet just approached the door and a beep was heard.

Immediately afterward, the car lights like shark eyes lit up instantly!

The LCD screen and ambient light in the car also light up at the same time.

Aston Martin one77’s iconic pair of scissor doors rose up automatically!