Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3007 Free Novel

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  • Jun 27, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3007 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3007 Start

But he never dreamed that the two of them are now cold, not to mention, they also sold their behind-the-scenes proprietor.

As a result, the other party called and said that he wanted to change the rules of the game. How could he not be afraid?

Especially the other party also accurately stated that he was in Suzhou.

Distance from Aurous Hill to Suzhou is very close, maybe when he goes to bed at night, and his neck will be wiped by the other party.

Anson was very worried and asked, “Master, what are your plans next?”

Chengfeng couldn’t hide his nervousness and said, “You heard it just now. Cary and Dan are both in the hands of that kid.

This guy really doesn’t speak morals at all, even the 100-year-old old man, he will not let go. After that, let alone me…”

With that said, Chengfeng sighed, and said: “And this guy now knows that I am in Suzhou, this is the most dangerous…”

Anson hurriedly said: “Master, based on my humble opinion, our top priority at the moment is to leave Suzhou as soon as possible!

Suzhou is too close to Aurous Hill… If he finds this, it will only take three or four hours to drive…”

Chengfeng nodded, sighed, and murmured: “Hey! It’s easy to leave Suzhou, but where would I go after leaving?”

Anson said quickly: “Master, let’s go back to Eastcliff!”

Chengfeng said depressedly: “It may not be really safe to return to Eastcliff.

After all, his strength is really unpredictable. He could abduct Shoude silently under Luther’s eyes. God knows he will or will not repeat the old tricks and tie me up?”

Speaking of this, Chengfeng said again:

“It may not be safe to go anywhere now. Even if I escape to the South China Sea, he will find a three-hour plane.”

At this time, Moby, who had not spoken for a long while, said: “Master, you should go to the Maldives to avoid the wind and relax for a few days by the way!

Suzhou has not really warmed up these days.

The weather in the Maldives is good, and it is far away and a separate island, so we can also arrange security work!”

He said, “In an archipelago country like the Maldives, the local government has sold everything that can be sold and rented everything that can be rented, except for the capital island and several large islands.

For the islands that are sold, the local government will not even send a police force, not to mention the local army, and basically let us toss with ourselves, and the operation space will be larger.”

“If you are willing to go there, I can ask my junior brother to help, hire some mercenaries from the Middle East and the West.

The Blackwater Company in the United States has a large number of mercenaries that have undergone rigorous training.

At that time, hundreds of them will be hired directly from the Blackwater Company.

Soldiers with guns and live ammunition will guard the island so that no fly can get in. Your safety can also be greatly guaranteed.”