Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3018 Free Novel

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  • Jun 27, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3018 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3018 Start

Charlie did not expect that Philip and Lenan would also come to Aurous Hill.

After hearing the words, he hurriedly asked: “How did Uncle Gu and Aunt Lenan arrange the itinerary? Do you want me to arrange accommodation in advance?”

Sara smiled and said: “They will arrive on the day of the concert only as they have a lot of things going on Eastcliff’s side.

They will come to the concert that day and returned by plane at night.”

After speaking, Sara said again: “In fact, my parents are not here to join us in the concert.

After all, the next stage of the concert will be in Eastcliff. They mainly want to see you and celebrate your birthday by the way.”

Charlie heard that Philip and Lenan were both coming to celebrate his birthday. He was moved and felt a little ashamed.

He said in a hurry, “Sara, as a junior, how can I let Uncle and Auntie run so far to celebrate my birthday…”

Sara smiled casually: “Oh, it doesn’t matter. Mom and dad treat you as their own children. What’s more, you saved my dad’s life and the destiny of our family as well.

With this kindness, even if you run away and go to the United States, my parents will definitely rush over to celebrate your birthday!”

After speaking, she said again:

“Charlie, do you remember that when you were young, every time you celebrate your birthday, or when I celebrate my birthday, our two families always took time to celebrate together.

At that time, because Dinner would be eaten at home with a large family, so we all went out to find a place for a meal with a family of six at noon.”

Charlie said confidently: “Of course I remember! Every time I celebrated my birthday, you always surround me to sing a birthday song.

When it would be your birthday, my mother would ask me to sing for you, but I was always embarrassed. …”

“Yeah!” Sara said with a smile: “You were an introvert back then. You didn’t speak much or play with me. I took the initiative to pester you every time…”

Charlie sighed, It was not because of introversion, but because of embarrassment and awkwardness!

Imagine that a child who is a few years old is not awkward when he is told that he will marry that little girl who is like a worm in the future as his wife.

However, Charlie did not say this, but smiled: “Maybe I was shy when I was too young.”

Sara smiled and said, “Charlie, how about you spend noon with our family this time on your birthday, okay? My parents will be very happy, what do you think?”

Charlie was thinking about the time, and Sara hurriedly added: “Charlie, I know that you will definitely have to stay with your wife at home for dinner on your birthday, so I set the start time of the concert to eight o’clock in the evening…”

“In this way, you can eat at home at six o’clock in the evening, celebrate your birthday with your wife and rest of the family, and then set off to the gym at seven o’clock.”