Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3023 Free Novel

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  • Jun 27, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3023 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3023 Start

Zhiyu was in a good mood when she heard her mother’s words.

She took her arm and said with excitement:

“Mom, Grace called grandpa in front of me today and said on the phone that he was going to find him to settling the accounts, scared him out of look…”

“Really?” Liona couldn’t help asking: “Charlie is really going to find your grandfather to settle the accounts?”

“That’s not true.” Zhiyu explained:

“Grace thinks that going to grandpa to settle the accounts now will not do him any practical benefit.

Instead, it will save my uncles, aunts, and the Wade family members.”

“Yes.” Liona said in agreement: “So many people in the Su family are looking forward to your grandfather’s accident more than Charlie.

If Charlie really does anything to him, the other Su family members will wake up with laughter if they are dreaming.”

Zhiyu smiled and said, “So Grace said that he just will give a fake shot, scare grandpa, and then asked him to ask me for help.

He just hung up the phone, and grandpa called me. It was really unexpected. His things are like gods.”

Liona nodded, and laughed softly: “In fact, this is not as expected, it is Charlie that blocked the other roads, leaving him only your exit.

It is like a barrier lake, wherever you leave a hole, the water will naturally flow there.”

After that, Liona said again: “Charlie is helping you again. Your grandfather is so threatened by him.

I am afraid that he can only ask you to help save his life, and he will not dare to think badly about you in the future.”

“Yes.” Zhiyu said with a smile: “Moreover, in order to flatter me, he also offered to give me the island of the Maldives, the one he kept for his retirement.”

“Huh!” Liona said in surprise: “That’s really good for him, don’t you really want it?”

Zhiyu said seriously: “He wants to give it to me, of course, I have to, I have told him that I will fly to the Maldives tomorrow.

Anson will transfer the property rights to me in the Maldives.”

Liona couldn’t help sighing: “You want the island to be useless. It’s better to leave it to him for retirement.

The older you are, the more you value the place for retirement. This is not a simple matter of investing more than two billion yuan.

My dear, it was his thought. I guess he was polite to you, but he wouldn’t have expected you to really want it.”