Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 375 Free Novel

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  • Feb 23, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 375 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 375 Start

Seeing Tianqi coming up, Charlie saluted him, smiled slightly, waved his hand and said, “Old Shi, you don’t need to be so polite with me, and you don’t need to call me Mr. Wade, just call me Charlie.”

“How did that make it!” Tianqi hurriedly bowed and said, “Mr. Wade is a true dragon on earth, how can I directly call the name of Master Wade!”

Seeing that he was a little stubborn in etiquette, Charlie didn’t continue to persuade him, but said: “I heard that Junwei Gao and Fredmen came to you yesterday?”

Tianqi asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, how do you know this?”

Zhovia stuck out her tongue and said, “Grandpa, I told Mr. Wade…”

Tianqi hurriedly reprimanded: “You child! Mr. Wade is busy with his daily affairs, how can you bother him with this little thing?”

Zhovia was a bit wronged.

The reason why she called Charlie was not to ask Grandpa for credit, but to find a chance to talk to Charlie.

After all, she had already regarded Charlie as an idol in her heart, and even admired him more than her grandpa, so she also wanted to find opportunities to contact him more, even if it was a phone call.

However, you cannot always make a call without a topic, right?

Therefore, she made her own way and reported yesterday’s events to Charlie.

Unexpectedly, grandpa said nothing, and immediately scolded her.

Tianqi’s heart was mainly worried about Charlie’s misunderstanding. After all, Zhovia’s call to Charlie meant a bit of asking for her own credit. He didn’t want Charlie to misunderstand that she was a person who wanted to take credit for everything.

Seeing Zhovia’s grievance, Charlie said with a smile: “Old Shi, it’s just a small matter, why bother to blame Zhovia.”

Tianqi hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade you make me laugh.”

Charlie waved his hand and said lightly: “Old Shi, that Junwei Gao, and that Fredmen have all offended me. If you can refuse to treat them, you can also be regarded as giving face to Charlie. This favor, I have written down. .”

Tianqi hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, you are kind and my savior. This little thing is to share worries and problems for you. You don’t have to be polite about it.”

After that, Tianqi pointed to his Clinic and said seriously: “My decision to stay in Aurous Hill to open a medical clinic is mainly to be able to listen to Mr. Wade’s dispatch at any time, and have the opportunity to repay your kindness!”

Charlie smiled and said, “You are interested.”

After speaking, he took out a pill from his pocket and handed it to Tianqi, saying: “Mr. Shi, the medicine I gave you before can cure injuries and strengthen the body. Although I have not specifically demonstrated it, it is based on ancient records. Even if a dying Old Master takes a magical medicine, it can prolong life for five to ten years. So I will give you this medicine and do keep it next to you. It may be useful in the future.”

Tianqi looked at the pill, trembled all over, thumped and knelt on the ground, trembling and said, “Mr. Wade, you can’t be more… You have already given me a half magical medicine last time. Now, Shi hasn’t repaid his favor, how can I receive such a big gift…”

Zhovia, who was next to him, knelt down when she saw her grandfather, and she knelt on the ground with a plop, but she was clever, with her slender hands resting on top of her knees, and Shu muscles’s big eyes, shy and bold looking at Charlie.

Charlie’s magical medicine was also given to several people. Although these people knew that the magical medicine was extremely precious, the person who knew the value of it most was Tianqi.

First of all, Tianqi has practiced medicine all his life. The more proficient in medicine, the more he knows how powerful this magical medicine is. It is not rare in the world, and even the second one can’t be found;

Secondly, Tianqi is getting old, and the older you are, the more you know the fate, even if you are a famous doctor in the world? After more than eighty years of age, it is possible that one day he will quietly pass away in his sleep.

And this magic medicine can make the dying Old Master live longer and prolong his life. How can this be a medicine, this is a life span of several years!

Of course Tianqi wanted this magic medicine, but he dared not ask for it.