Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 386 Free Novel

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  • Feb 23, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 386 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 386 Start

Looking at Charlie again, thunder and lightning lingered all over him, like a heavenly dragon descending into the world!

Junwei Gao yelled in panic: “Dad, what the h*ll is this! Shoot him quickly! Come on!”

Jianjun Gao’s legs trembled in fright, and he blurted out: “I…my hand can’t work…this Charlie seems to be able to summon supernatural powers…”

Junwei Gao panicked and said: “No one can summon the sky thunder, I think he is pretending to be a ghost, quickly beat him to death!”

Charlie sneered: “Junwei Gao, if you don’t believe that I am a true dragon in the sky, then I will let you see it with your own eyes!”

Afterwards, Charlie looked at Jianjun Gao again and said coldly: “Jianjun Gao, don’t forget that you were killed by your son!”

After that, he raised his hand to Jianjun Gao and yelled: “Thunder is coming!”

Hearing a loud bang, Jianjun Gao’s head flashed with a ten-thousand-square ray of light. The strength of this light made Junwei Gao blind for a short time!

When this light dissipated, he saw Jianjun Gao, who was already alive, had died in an instant, and his whole person had turned into a piece of human-shaped coke, with the dark pistol still in his hand, but he still had the slightest trace of life?

Seeing such a scene, Junwei Gao was struck by lightning!

d*mn it, why did he become like this?

Standing here just now, the alive father was killed by the sky thunder that Charlie attracted? !

This is a big living person!

Why was Charlie not struck to death by lightning?

Junwei Gao’s whole person was already trembling violently with fright, and all of this was completely beyond the scope of his understanding.

Is this Charlie really a real dragon in the sky? !

Isn’t society always anti-feudal superstition? If people want to believe in science, where does the real dragon come from?

However, his father, who had turned into coke, stood in front of him. The dark corpse had turned into black charcoal, and he even kept dropping charcoal powder. This is a fact that he has seen with his own eyes!

Seeing that Junwei Gao was already scared, Charlie sneered, “Junwei Gao, do you believe this time?”

Junwei Gao stared at Charlie as if he saw a ghost. Suddenly he was weak, his legs softened, he knelt in front of Charlie, his body and heart were cold.

It wasn’t until this time that he suddenly realized why Charlie dismissed him from beginning to end, and why the bigwigs like Orvel, Solmon White, Qin Gang and other important positions in Aurous Hill would treat Charlie respectfully.

If you know Charlie’s immortal means that can provoke Fenglei by raising his hand, how can you still be not afraid of him?

Let your power be supreme, I will break it by lightning!

Such a human myth can’t afford to offend him at all!

Junwei Gao was desperate in his heart. He knelt and crawled in front of Charlie. He kept kowtowing apologizing, saying: “Charlie, Mr. Wade, I know I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go! I didn’t do any wrong with Claire, your lord has a lot, let me go, please, spare me, spare my dog’s life!”

Charlie looked at him, sneered, pointed at his legs, and said with a arrogant face: “Here it comes!”


Two sky thunders instantly struck Junwei Gao’s legs!

Junwei Gao frightened the ghost crying wolf howling, he only felt his legs numb, as if he had lost consciousness, and then looked down, his legs turned into two coke sticks!

“Ah…Ah…” Junwei Gao couldn’t believe that all this was real before him, so scared that he grabbed his thigh with both hands.

But he never thought that his legs were like two charcoals that had been burned to ashes, and they seemed to have their original shape, but when they touched them with his hands, they turned into flying ash!