Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 430 Free Novel

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  • Feb 24, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 430 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 430 Start

Charlie was a little speechless for a while, what did Elsa mean in her words, even she was willing to be an underground lover for him?

But how could he agree to such a thing?

First of all, he was sincere towards Claire. She was arranged to marry him by her grandfather. Even though she was so dissatisfied, she finally agreed, and even the whole family laughed at her and ridiculed her. Old Willson, of course, he never looked down upon him.

Moreover, after Aunt Lena of the welfare institute became ill, she has been living frugally under Elaine’s nose, lending money to him, and even paid Aunt Lena’s medical expenses. Charlie will never forget this kindness.

So, how could he agree to let Elsa be his lover?

At this moment, Claire, who was asleep, suddenly moved.

Charlie was shocked, and quickly took his arm out of Elsa’s arms.

And Elsa glanced at Claire and saw that she was not awake, she immediately pressed her face to Charlie’s mouth at this moment and k!ssed him gently with her lips.

The touch is delicate, and it breaks with one touch.

Charlie hadn’t recovered yet, Elsa had already blushed and swam away.

But Charlie saw that Claire was about to wake up, so he couldn’t say anything.

Claire stretched out at this time, opened her eyes, and sighed: “Oh! It’s really comfortable to take a bath in the hot spring! I was feeling tired during this period of time, it relieved most of it all at once!”

After speaking, she saw Elsa’s face flushed, she asked in surprise: “Elsa, the hot spring water is not hot, why is your face so red?”

Elsa rubbed her face embarrassedly and then said with a smile: “The hot spring water is not hot. The key is that there is such a beautiful big beauty lying next to me. It makes me feel hot when I see you…”

While speaking, she stretched out her hand to scratch Claire.

Claire hurriedly avoided, Elsa hurriedly squirted water on her body, Claire also hurriedly held water to fight back, and the two women quarreled.

Elsa’s figure is more plump, and Charlie is a little dizzy with such a large movement, and Claire on the side is not much inferior to her, and it is also beautiful scenery.

Charlie felt a rush of heat in his body. In order to calm his mind, he plunged into the water and stopped looking at the two women.

Seeing this, Elsa deliberately teased: “Hey, Charlie, why are you still dipping your head in the water? Are you not afraid of choking water!”

Charlie vomited a bunch of bubbles in the water, raised his head, and said, “Um, I’m done soaking, you two get busy, I’ll get you some drinks.”

Claire hurriedly said: “It happens that I am thirsty, Charlie, please help me get a bottle of ice-cola!”

Charlie nodded: “Okay.”

Elsa said hurriedly: “Then I want Iced Sprite!”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed, got up hurriedly, and escaped from the hot spring pool.

There are two big beauties around him, one is his wife, the other is his lover, and they are dressed in such a cool dress. If they stay here, they are afraid that they will really be unable to control them.

Claire still had no intention of marrying him.

Although Elsa has 10,000 loves for herself, since she is already the husband of men, of course, she can’t do anything to her.

Therefore, to Charlie, these two women are both types that can see and cannot eat.

This type is seen too much, not only hurts the body but also sad!