Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 45 Free Novel

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  • Feb 11, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 45 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 45 Start

Charlie was very happy to hear his wife say so.

It seems that the place he chose will surely satisfy his wife on the day of the wedding anniversary!

The two came to the sky garden and sat down in the reserved seats, and Elsa arrived soon.



The two girlfriends hugged each other, happily.

Afterward, the two held hands and talked about the past for a long time, and then they gradually calmed down.

Elsa said: “Claire, you are too wasteful, you chose to eat in the sky garden!”

Claire smiled and said, “When you are here! Then I must bleed money, I don’t care!”

Elsa chuckled: “It’s really my good girlfriend!”

Claire said: “It’s true that I’m not even qualified to order food here. I asked Emgrand Group Vice Chairman Doris Young to help me decide this seat, using her membership card!”

Elsa sighed: “The sky garden seems to be very demanding. It must be a diamond member or something?”

“Yeah.” Claire nodded and said, “To be honest, this is my first time coming here!”

Elsa smiled and said, “Thank you so much, my kind queen!”

After speaking, she said again: “By the way, when I came up just now, I saw a notice outside saying that the sky garden was booked for three days later?”

“Yes.” Claire said: “It’s strange that Hanging Garden never accepted charter rooms before, and I don’t know what happened this time.”

Elsa nodded and said in passing: “Some time ago, there was an Aurous Hill god-level rich man. He bought a necklace and brought dozens of Rolls Royces, dozens of men in black, and more than 10 million in cash. Did you watch that video?”

Charlie shook his head, and Claire said, “I saw it, the pomp was quite big.”

Elsa said: “Everyone is guessing who he is.”

Claire said: “What is there to guess”

Elsa smiled and said: “Gossip! Everyone wants to know who is so domineering. Some people say it should be the new chairman of Emgrand Group.”

Charlie’s expression on the side was startled for an instant.

But it returned to normal soon.

Elsa went on to say: “Shangri-La’s Hanging Garden was wrapped up again today. I feel that the Hanging Garden package is the same person who bought the jade in the video.”

Claire sighed helplessly: “It’s been so long since I saw you, you are still so gossipy!”

Elsa smiled and said, “Gossip is the driving force for women to survive!”

After that, Elsa said again: “I’m going to come here in three days to have a look, who on earth has such a great face and can reserve the sky garden!”

When Charlie on the side heard this, his head suddenly became heavy.

He just wanted to surprise his wife and give her a wedding that hadn’t been honored that year.

But he didn’t want to be noticed by everyone at once.

However, he seemed to underestimate the influence of the Hanging Garden.

It is estimated that many people in Aurous Hill now have the same ideas as Elsa, they all want to see who has reserved the sky garden.