Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5066 Free Novel

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  • Nov 07, 2022

Charlie Wade novel begins chapter 5066

The old queen said seriously: “This is a good chance! It doesn’t matter if she has a wife,

“Or whether she wants to be with you or not, first find a way to conceive her child”,

“And then tell the outside world that you are sick and need to cultivate for a period of time.”

“After the baby, you’ll be back in the public eye again”,

“And then tell everyone that you have a serious illness and have just recovered”;

“As for your son, we can keep him secretly in the palace until he needs to go to school.”

“Give him a fake identity, make him study abroad”

“And when you are old and need an heir, put him before the public”,

“And tell me frankly that this child is the one you raised during the cultivation period,”

“Give the child a legal and public identity, and then establish him as the heir to the throne!”

“Grandma…” Helena said sheepishly, “What the hell are you talking about…”

The old queen came forward, took Helena’s hand and said seriously:

“Helena, this is about the continuation of the royal family and the Iliad family.”

“In this case, don’t just think about shyness, you have to get pregnant first!”

After talking, he said very seriously: “Look, even though Charlie is married,”

“He has no children. If you can conceive his child,

“It will also be a big boost for the relationship between you two.”

“Not only will there be a continuation of the bloodline”,

“But also a common crystallization with Charlie, like this”,

“The relationship between you two will definitely be further enhanced!”

Helena’s eyes shone with luster, but she was still ashamed.

He said repeatedly: “Grandma … you’re so crazy … I’m still young”

“Away from the stage where I have to get married or have children…”

The old queen squeezed tightly. With her hand, she said solemnly,

“Helena, the sooner you plan this, the better!”

Helena quickly waved her hand and said, “Grandma … I’ll talk about it later …”.

The old queen wanted to say something, but the butler ran up at that moment and said:

“Your Majesty, the convoy is here!”

Helena heard this and said with joy: “I’m going to see!”

The first time she ran out in person to welcome Charlie’s arrival.

Even though it’s summer, the night in Oslo City is still a little cool,

But Helena wears a shoulder-length western court dress,

Beautiful like a perfect and noble tulip.

Seeing Charlie get out of the car, the queen-like temperament that Helena had gradually cultivated recently disappeared,

Replaced by a girl who was just starting to love, excited and restless when she saw her sweetheart.

She brought her skirt and ran to Charlie,

The royal governess subconsciously wanted to follow her, but found that she could not reach her at all.

The old queen’s legs weren’t so neat. She went out calmly.44

As he watches the figure of Helena gallop away. She shook her head helplessly and sighed softly.

Helena flew to Charlie, her deep eyes were full of joy and excitedly said: “Mr. Wade, it’s been a long time since we saw you!

Charlie smiled and said politely, “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

The old queen also stepped forward at this moment and said to Charlie with great respect, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie looked at the old queen, nodded slightly and asked with a smile:

“SM. Iliad, you are still in good health recently. Right?”

Seeing that Charlie cared so much for herself, the old queen said flattered:

“Thanks to the rejuvenation pill you gave me, I am now in excellent health!”

Charlie smiled. “Okay.”

Helena aside quickly said, “Mr. Wade, the helicopter is ready.

“You didn’t say on the phone that you want to fly directly to Bergen, should we leave now?”

“Good!” Charlie nodded without hesitation, then said to Helena:

“Joseph Wan of the Later Cataclysmic Front will bring a group of soldiers to the city of Oslo”,

“Please help me prepare another heavy helicopter”,

“If necessary, when the time comes. Also, send them to Bergen.

“No problem!” Helena agreed without hesitation and said:

“Mr. Wade, time is urgent, or we should leave sooner”

“And let the housekeeper help implement this matter.”

Charlie nodded. She turned her head, looked at the old queen beside him and said seriously:

“SM. Iliad, I will come back to see you when I have finished my work.

The old queen said quickly, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ll wait for you!”

Soon Charlie took Orvel, Issac and Helena to a large helicopter.

The pilot skillfully maneuvered the helicopter to take off, then flew to Bergen.

On the helicopter, Charlie looked out the window at the night view of Oslo City,

And he asked Helena next to him: “By the way, Helena, you said you have a charity event in Bergen tomorrow”,

“What time is it and do you need me to support you?”

Helena said embarrassed, “This … this … Actually, Mr. Wade, actually.”

“I… Actually, I don’t have any charity work in Bergen, that’s why I say it.”

“I mainly wanted to accompany you to visit Bergen, after all I am the queen”,

“If you have something I can help you with, I can also help you deal with it in time …”

Charlie was slightly taken aback, Helena saw this and quickly explained:

“I didn’t mean to lie to you, initially I really wanted to organize a charity event, but …”

“But I’m worried you need me tomorrow. The place to help, if I really do charity work ”

“I may not be able to respond to your needs at any time, so … so please don’t be angry …”

Charlie came to his senses, smiled and: “I’m not angry, I just didn’t expect it, thank you, Helena.”