Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5100 Free Novel

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  • Nov 19, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5100 Start

He didn’t know what kind of message these eight characters conveyed,

Nor did he know what the ring mentioned in it was. What does it mean,

But he is also a lover of calligraphy, so he can see that the brush calligraphy is imitating the cursive writing of calligrapher Wang Xizhi,

And the writing is round and beautiful, and at the same time vigorous and powerful,

Where every shot can be called flawless.

If these eight characters are used in today’s calligraphy world,

They will definitely be “the best”!

The only thing that doesn’t match the pictorial style is that at the end of the eight characters,

There is actually a smiley face drawn with a brush.

Although the lines of this smiling face are simple, they are very vivid,

And it is also evident that there is a little contempt in that smile.

Just when he was immersed in the impeccability of these eight characters,

The low voice that was suddenly changed came from the earphones,

And he seemed to growl very angrily: “What hell! Damn! Damn!

After he finished, he roared furiously, “Blow it up for me!”

The man was a little surprised and subconsciously asked: “Blow it up? Blow up what?

Just after he finished speaking, the portable video camera hanging on his left chest suddenly exploded. There was a massive explosion!

With a bang, the impact of the high explosives tore the entire desk apart,

And the handwriting written on the rice paper was instantly reduced to ashes by the high temperature generated by the explosion.

And the man who came to investigate, before he could figure out what was going on,

He felt a sudden sharp pain in his heart, flew upside down and died on the spot!

His death was horrific, the explosives blew a big hole in his heart,

And his face also kept an expression of extreme fear.

Until his death he did not know that he would die in the hands of the portable video camera he carried with him.

The structure of this portable camera is very ingenious.

At least half of the internal volume is used to fill high explosives,

And a miniature detonator is installed in explosives.

The remote control only needs to use the original communication network,

And the built-in lithium battery in the camera can simply control the detonator to detonate at any time.

The reason why this type of equipment was developed and awarded,

Members of the organization are responsible for killing people and destroying corpses when necessary.

At this time, the camera after the explosion caused flames in many places in the room.

The entire interior of the camera is made of flammable materials.

After the special plastic shell is burned at a high temperature,

It will form a high viscosity viscous object such as asphalt,

And its flame can last a long time.

Right now, the damaged desks, hardwood floors, and curtains made of man-made fibers,

All were stained by the sticky matter produced during the explosion,

And the sticky matter carried flames, so the fire intensified rapidly.

A few minutes later, a raging fire had already broken out in the study,

And the flames gushed out of the studio, and then set the entire villa on fire.

By the time neighbors saw that the house was on fire, the fire was completely out of control.

Someone called the fire alarm, but this place was relatively remote,

And the fire engine took almost half an hour to arrive.

When the fire engine arrived at the scene, the scene was almost reduced to ashes.

And since the main structure of the house here is a timber frame,

When the fire raged to its next stage, the entire villa instantly collapsed and became a ruin.

Firefighters at the scene began to inspect the scene after the open fire was put out,

But they didn’t expect to find many charred bodies in the ruins.