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  • Nov 19, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5104 Start

Lolita was a little speechless by her father, and after a while she came to her senses.

She said dissatisfied: “Even if they support me, so what?”

“Now I am a world-famous star. My influence is here.

“I can create a lot of value without any help from them!”

Lolita’s father scolded her angrily: “Is there something wrong with your brain?”

“Did you ever think that when you were picked up by them?”

“You were just a ten-year-old boy. Completely follow their instructions like a puppet.

“They must have a lot of relevant evidence on their hands.”

“Once you argue with them, they will immediately reveal all of your current situation.”

“By that time, you will be ruined! Me and your mother’s dream of being in the upper class will also be shattered!

“Our whole family will return to the original shape and even fall to the bottom!”

In fact, Lolita’s father didn’t say a word.

Although he did not know the specific background of this humanitarian organization,

He knew that the methods of this organization were very vicious.

If he really went against them, he might be killed one day.

Even Lolita was taken aback by her father’s words at this time.

She was naive, but she didn’t expect that she had already held countless handles in the other party’s hands.

If the other party really exposes these details, he will definitely lose his reputation and never recover.

The extremely dejected Lolita finally rose silently from the ground,

He dusted off his body, took a mask out of his pocket,

He put it on, walked to the side of the road and hailed a cab.

The reason he’s wearing a mask is that he’s called for environmental protection,”

“And he even called on people all over the world not to drive cars.”

“In his view, driving is a crime, let alone taking a taxi.”

“If she is caught taking a taxi, it will ruin her reputation.

When Lolita left the airport depressed, the shipment was clearing customs.

Since there is nothing abnormal about these goods, and they are all charitable goods,

The speed of customs clearance is also very fast.

Thus, the Boeing 777 finally returned to Nigeria at the scheduled time, loaded with a plane full of cargo.

At the same time, on a certain island in this world,

A cathedral-like stone building stands majestically on the rock of the island.

What the outside world doesn’t know is that this magnificent castle is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

Below the castle the whole island has been completely excavated,

And the scale of the inner buildings is more than a hundred times the size of the land.

At that moment, in the central hall of the castle, a luxuriously dressed man of about forty knelt on one knee,

He looked at the empty throne in front of him and respectfully said:

“My Lord! The aircraft has been withdrawn in Nigeria”.

“The other seven famous Cavalry Guards, nothing is known about them yet.”

Into the huge hall immediately came the cold and deep voice like a machine:

“Keep looking! Even if you dig three feet into the ground, you must find them!

The man raised his fists with his hands above his head and respectfully said:

“Your subordinates obey!”

The voice of the Lord returned: “Mary must have left Norway, and you immediately send people to infiltrate Mongolia”,

“The Russian Far East, Alaska, Canada’s Yukon and Nunavut.”

“This time she was almost caught, and there is a high probability that she will run away to these sparsely populated countries and regions, and maybe she will come and wait for a rabbit!”

The man was slightly surprised and nervously said:

“My Lord! I have a question, dare to ask for your answer!

The Lord lightly said: “Speak!”

The man hastily said, “My Lord, in a short period of time, we have suffered successive failures.”

“The assassination of An’s family in New York was so carefully planned,”

“And in the end none of the many dead soldiers came back, not a single body was found.”

“It was the same when we went to Norway this time.”

“The eight knights of the watch were all great masters. Except for the command and the envoy who died by poison”

“Everyone else’s whereabouts are unknown. Do you think there is some connection behind these two incidents?

“Connection?” The Lord coldly asked: “Do you think that someone is secretly killing us?”

The man said, “I just think those two things are too weird.”

“We have reliable information on these two things. Whether it’s a family or Maria”,

“Neither of us has the strength to resist us”,

“But the bottom line of the matter is that this loss is incredible.”

The Lord lightly said: “The An family is one of the best families in the open world”,

“And they can be considered public figures to some extent,”

“But Maria is a little fox who hides everywhere. You may have no opportunity to have any contact with the outside world on weekdays.

“This time I managed to get his news because he just couldn’t help himself.”

“He bought a piece of blue-and-white china at an antique shop in Norway and revealed his identity.”

“So I think there shouldn’t be any direct connection between them.”

The man nodded and praised: “My lord, you are the best way”,

“Just use some blue and white porcelain to catch Maria!”

He quickly asked again, “Should we buy another batch of premium blue-and-white porcelain?”

“And put them in antique shops all over the world, waiting for Maria to take the bite?”

“There’s no need.” The Lord coldly said: “Mary is the most cunning fox, she can never fall into the same trap twice”,

“No matter how good the blue-and-white porcelain is, it’s impossible to lure it out now!”