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  • Nov 30, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5122 Start

Charlie asked him, “Have you learned the motion of this ship?”

“I have.” Joseph explained, “Their registration information is very formal,”

“So the information of the ships can also be found.”

“ISU Shipping also happens to have vessels passing through Eastern Cyprus to Turkey,”

“And there are return ships too. We have monitored navigational radar data from these vessels,”

“And I found this vessel’s position information on navigational radar.”

“It’s almost halfway there and we’ll be in Limassol in more than three hours.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded slightly and asked again, “Is the speedboat prepared for me ready?”

“Ready.” Joseph said, “According to your orders”,

“A motorboat equipped with six Mercury outboard motors has been prepared,”

“With a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour.”

Charlie immediately said: “Take me there now!”

Joseph took Charlie to an uninhabited coast.

At the time, a large, modified pickup truck was parked on the beach.

The rear of the pickup was facing the sea,

And a thing six to seven meters long wrapped in black tarpaulin was hitched to the back with a trailer.

Joseph lifted the tarp and a streamlined motorboat appeared.

Immediately, Joseph asked Charlie, “Mr. Wade, do you want your subordinates to go with you?

Charlie waved his hand: “I can go by myself. You can take the helicopter”

“Going aboard the ship to meet other people later. Listen to my orders on the boat.

Joseph nodded, took out a backpack from the cabin and said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, everything you want me to prepare is ready, and inside is the satellite communicator as well.”

“Good!” Charlie jumped on the boat, familiarized himself with how this motorboat works,

And he said to Joseph, “Joseph, go throw the boat into the sea.”

“Okay, Mr. Wade!”

Joseph drove the pickup truck and slowly dumped the tugboat chassis behind it into the sea.

When the speedboat entered the water, the entire ship floated.

Charlie started the engine and Joseph’s voice came over the communicator saying:

“Mr. Earn, you can reach the ship’s route by traveling 130 kilometers according to the 320 indications.”

“If there’s no problem, you should be able to arrive at the designated location half an hour early.”

“Okay,” Charlie told Joseph over the comm:

“Joseph, see you in Cyprus.” Afterwards, he checked the speedboat at sea,

And then 180 meters above the sea. She turned at high speed and sailed into the vast Mediterranean Sea.

After more than an hour, Charlie had already arrived at the point designated on the route map.

After stopping the motorboat about one nautical mile off course,

He opened the package Joseph had packed for him and took out a waterproof black pajama set.

Then he put on his nightgown, turned off the speedboat engine,

And he even turned off the navigation radar on the ship.

In the satellite communicator, Joseph’s voice came at this moment:

“Mr. Wade, that ship is less than twenty nautical miles from you.”

“We will monitor its location in real time and report back to you in time.”

About two Ten minutes later, Charlie could already see the lights of the freighter above sea level.

After checking with Joseph that this ship was exactly what he was looking for,

He brought his waterproof backpack, closed the buckle in the middle of the two straps,

And he stared at the ship that was getting closer and closer.

When the opponent was within two nautical miles of him,

Charlie used a piercing blade to permanently cut through the speedboat.

When the speedboat sank into the sea, he injected spiritual energy into his feet,

And he used spirit energy to completely blow out the water under his feet while standing above the water.

Soon after, he galloped towards the moving freighter as if walking on level ground!