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  • Dec 09, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5153 Start

This staff auditorium, a building that has existed since Warriors Den’s original purchase of the copper mine,

It was built in the 80’s and was mainly used for meetings,

Parties and ceremonies for copper mine employees.

After the Warriors’ Den took over, he allowed all cavalry guards to act as employees of the mine,

And most of the cavalry guard families acted as logistics, so the mine was superficially managed quite well.

The occasional local government officials also came to inspect the inspection but did not notice any abnormalities.

At that moment, these cavalry guards came to the staff auditorium,

Giving the impression that the copper mine is holding a mobilization meeting or a summary meeting.

However, if you stand aside, you will soon find a problem, that is,

Among these uniformly dressed employees, there are more than 20 people holding a towel in their left hand.

And these people with towels have been vaguely excited in their hearts,

Because they feel that after tonight each of them has an opportunity to move to the next level.

Besides the vague throbbing excitement,

These people also kept an eye on others around them,

And they are always ready to be asked for a towel.

However, what made them feel strange is that none of them came to ask about such an abrupt performance with a towel in hand.

Every person who has a towel in his hand, when he sees another person without a towel in his hand,

There will be little eye contact between them.

But for those who didn’t get their towel, it seems like they didn’t even look at their towels.

These people were a little puzzled and didn’t understand why others were so insightful,

From the start, these folks didn’t seem interested.

What they didn’t know was that these people had actually been given orders to pretend,

To be oblivious to their strange behavior on the surface,

And then just wait for the envoy to drop his cup as a signal to attend to all these people around them, towels in hand!

The cavalry guards soon arrived.

After counting their respective men, the three standard chiefs made their respective reports to the president.

Too bad that only the cavalry guards, who had decided to break with the Warriors’ Cave,

I knew this president had become a puppet.

At that moment, the president approached the stage and said loudly:

“All cavalry guards heed the order to welcome the special envoy!”

Every cavalry guard on the stage at the time shouted with emotion, “Hail the envoy!”

The men with the towels in their hands were thrilled because they thought of the immediate success of their work.

The other cavalry guards were thrilled because they wanted to be free,

From controlling the Warriors’ Den and fulfilling their ancestors’ greatest dream.

Both sides had their own thoughts and were looking forward to the envoy’s appearance.

At that moment, Charlie, who wore a black tunic but didn’t use a hat to cover his face,

Take the stage under everyone’s gaze.

The puppet president respectfully took a few steps back, giving the center seat to Charlie.

Looking at the “special envoy” who shows his true face for the first time,

No one heard anything unusual among the cavalry guards who were divided into two camps on the stage.

After all, both sides have their own understanding of Charlie’s behavior in revealing his true colors.

Charlie was standing on stage, looking at the two hundred people below,

And he said with a smile on his face: “Gentlemen, I think today is an extraordinary day for all of you”,

“A day to remember! It’s also a day to build a successful career!”

The two sides on stage, because each has their own thoughts,

So when they heard these words, everyone was more excited in their hearts.

Shane, who was holding the towel, and his colleagues who were holding the towel,

Each of them unconsciously squeezed the towel tighter in their hands,

As if what they were holding wasn’t a towel but a ticket to the next glory and fortune.

But they ignored the cavalry guards around them who didn’t hold their towel,

They started silently watching them with the afterglow, ready to make a move on them.