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  • Dec 11, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5157 Start

The mining site of this copper mine was located underground at a depth of about five hundred meters or so.

Charlie let Leroy, as well as the people under his control,

Gather the crowd and take the elevated cage to the dead man’s quarters.

As they descended, Leroy presented Charlie with the details of this copper mine.

After decades of continuous development, the inside of this copper mine had become extremely intricate and complex.

It consists of a total of three parts, the first was the normal mining part of the copper mine,

Including tunnel and surface mining; the second, the part where the dead soldiers and their relatives lived;

And the third is the part where all the supplies and equipment have been stored.

From the mouth of the well to the bottom,

In fact, up to the operating surface of the copper mine.

After going down, it can be seen that it is a very standard medium-sized copper mine,

All facilities and equipment are required for production, no anomalies can be found.

Guided by Leroy, Charlie came out of the cage, looked into the deep tunnel of the mine,

And curiously asked: “Where do dead soldiers and their relatives usually live?”

Leroy said hurriedly, “Let’s go back to Mr. Wade, this plane at an altitude of minus five hundred meters,”

“It’s all the working surface of the copper mine, the area where the dead live,”

“You have to enter through a hidden dark tunnel in front and take another elevator cage to go down another hundred meters.”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone work here now?”

Leroy replied: “Because today is the time to take the medicine”,

“Then dead soldiers are to be cleared out to minus six hundred meters living area soon as ordered,”

“So that they can wait there for the antidote to be delivered and take the medicine together.”

Saying he added, “Under normal circumstances,”

“Only the dead soldiers who worked in the copper mine and the families of the dead soldiers”,

“They are qualified to reach this level as miners”,

“Others have stayed in that lower level and only have the opportunity”,

“To come out when selected to go on a mission.”

Charlie asked, “How do you usually handle these dead soldiers acting like miners?”

Leroy said, “There are a total of three mining teams, each made up of about a hundred people.”

“Working in three shifts, the specific management method is the same as the prison management work in the United States”,

“With each shift up, there will be a special group of cavalry guards responsible for this shift in advance of the count below,”

“And then personally take them to work, and the cavalry guards above will also be on time to count the number of their own management shift,”

“To determine the number of turns with shift change.”

“After verifying that there was no difference between the number of people on duty and the shift change”,

“They will deliver with another team coming to deliver the shift”,

“And after the number is verified correctly, send all people from this shift back”,

“And count the number again after reaching the layer below”

“And after confirming that it’s correct, the miners from this shift will go back to rest”,

“And the cavalry guards who have the task of supervising them will also return to rest”.

Charlie asked him, “Is there any extra pay for dead soldiers acting as miners and their families?”

“No.” Leroy shook his head, “According to the organization’s requirements,”

“We select only those dead soldiers and their families who are not strong enough to do the job,”

“And he won’t give any additional compensation.”

Charlie nodded softly.

By then, Leroy had already led him and the others into a room that said power distribution room.

After entering the room, the first thing that stood out was the well-arranged circuit equipment.

But as Leroy momentarily operated a series of power distribution cabinets on the wall,

Soon after, the entire wall suddenly slowly opened inward.

Charlie was able to see from the side of the door frame, the door disguised as a wall,

The thickness of nearly nearly a meter, and both sides are very thick steel plate reinforcement,

Not to mention martial arts experts, even for ordinary heavy firepower, it is impossible to blow up this wall.