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  • Dec 26, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5182 Start

However, Charlie smiled and comforted:

“You, don’t think too much, mom’s style of action don’t know,”

“We are the two normal people, I just can’t understand her”,

“However, tomorrow we will return to the countryside, you will certainly not be alone in the United States”.

Claire nodded and asked, “By the way, husband, did you arrange the tickets?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “No need to book plane tickets.”

“Miss Fei has a plane back to China,”

“So he can bring us back by the way.”

Claire was surprised and asked, “Miss Fei?”

“Is this Miss Stella Fei from the Fei family?”

“Right.” Charlie nodded, “Yes, it’s her”

“Some time ago that bastard of their family Randal Fei brought them a really big trouble,”

“I went to help her change the feng shui, so that the Fei family could survive the crisis,”

“Miss Fei was very grateful”,

“He knows we’ll be back in the country soon”,

“So he took the initiative to let us take his plane on the way back.”

Because there were more people getting back together this time,

So Charlie didn’t intend to take so many people to take a regular civilian airliner.

However, his Concorde is truly captivating,

Not only do I have to explain it to Claire. But mother-in-law’s love to show off is also a big deal,

Sitting in a Gulfstream, she can’t stop posting statuses online.

If they take the Concorde, it’s estimated they’ll do it for a week.

So think about it, Charlie’s going to let Stella arrange a random plane,

He’s so close to her, on this little matter, that he’s not embarrassed to ask.

When Claire learned that Charlie was going to film Stella’s plane,

His expression was a little tricky for a while.

When he first met Stella, Stella was still using her other called identity.

It was only when Claire saw Stella on TV that she realized that the person,

She thought her “best friend” hadn’t even told her her real identity.

However, Claire wasn’t mad, after all she also knew that Stella’s status was unattainable,

And she, as a small businesswoman from an ordinary family, was a hundred thousand miles away from her,

So it was rare that she could use another identity to befriend herself,

Not to mention, it also helped her land valuable master class space.

The only thing she’s not happy about is the fact that Stella suddenly evaporated,

Leaving no clues from the friend she’d been talking to.

Claire’s friends aren’t many, and after forming sincere friendships,

No one expects the other side to evaporate without a clue,

And she later finds out that the identity is fake too, which kind of makes her heart race.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but ask, “Okay husband, will Miss Fei go back to the countryside with us?”

Charlie shook his head, “He shouldn’t, what’s wrong?”

Claire sighed slightly and sighed:

“It’s okay, friends are friends after all, as long as everything is fine with her, it’s fine.”