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  • Dec 26, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5184 Start

However, of course, Charlie couldn’t tell the truth,

So he said with a smile: “You are right, wife, mom is more sentimental.”

Claire laughed and said, “We’re leaving tomorrow morning”

“We’ll be home in about ten hours”

“By then, these good days for Papa, I’m afraid they will end.”

While Claire was packing,

Charlie went to the terrace of the presidential suite and made a call to Aunt Li in Canada.

Immediately after the phone is connected,

Aunt Li respectfully shouted at the other end of the line: “Young master!”

Charlie wanted to convince Aunt Li not to address him like that,

But after thinking about it, he finally gave up on the idea.

He knew that even if he asked Aunt Li not to call him Young Master,

It wouldn’t change the fact that in Aunt Li’s heart,

He was the young master of the Wade family.

Furthermore, she always assumed that it was the Wade family who saved her life and organized her retreat to Canada.

And in her mind, she felt that she was a servant of the Wade family.

In front of people who didn’t know Charlie’s identity,

He called his name against his heart,

But when there were no strangers, she wanted to call him young master from the bottom of her heart.

So even Charlie stopped pointing this out,

But she said with a smile, “Aunt Li, Claire’s class here is over today,”

“We plan to return to Aurous Hill tomorrow, you and XiaoFen”

“Together with Claudia you should just get ready, come to New York tomorrow to meet.”

When Aunt Li heard this, she couldn’t help but say cheerfully:

“It’s great Young Master, all this time”

“Fanny told me to go back to Aurous Hill”

“And I thought about the big orphanage you mentioned, and I couldn’t wait to get back.”

Charlie laughed, “Great, I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to leave the Canadian environment.”

Aunt Li said very seriously: “Young master, to tell the truth”,

“As people get older, there’s no place like home,”

“Not to mention I can still shine for those kids after I come back, so I can’t wait.”

“That is fine.” Charlie also breathed a sigh of relief and asked:

“By the way, Aunt Li, how are Fanny and Claudia lately?”

Aunt Li is back: “Both still go to the supermarket every day to work”

“Since the last incident, the two have had a better relationship, like sisters.”

Charlie asked, “Regarding the matter of going to Aurous Hill,”

“Did Claudia show reluctance or did she have any worries before?”

Aunt Li thought about it and said: “Since you’ve been gone”

“Claudia seems to be more optimistic and cheerful”,

“And he can’t wait to go to Aurous Hill to start a new life.