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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5220 Start

Xiaofen on the side said with a smile: “Brother Charlie, don’t forget”

“Claudia’s mother came out of Aurous Hill, and we can say that Aurous Hill is Claudia’s grandmother’s house.”

Charlie laughed, “That’s right, so are there any relatives in Aurous Hill?”

“Not more.” Claudia shook her head and said, “The grandparents are dead.”

“An uncle is also abroad and there haven’t been many contacts”,

“So basically there are no relatives around, and those who do are distant relatives”

“That they haven’t met much and can’t even name them.”

Charlie laughed, “It’s okay, there are Aunt Li, Xiaofen and I, we are all your relatives.”

Claudia was touched to her heart and nodded her head heavily.

Charlie then introduced to Aunt Li at this time: “Okay Aunt Li, let me introduce you to my mother-in-law.”

Having said that, he gestured towards Elaine, and then said:

“Mom, this is Aunt Li from the orphanage, you should have heard of her.”

“I’ve heard of her, I’ve heard of her!” Elaine looked at Aunt Li and said in surprise:

“I heard Charlie talking about you every day!”

As she spoke, Elaine’s mind couldn’t help but remember when old Mrs. Willson had her birthday,

Charlie suddenly offered to lend this Aunt Li a million for medical treatment at the birthday banquet.

At the time, she really hated the insensitive Charlie, but who would have thought that now?

He has become a golden turtle son-in-law, a person without equal in his circle of people.

Thinking about this matter, he hurriedly said to Aunt Li:

“Hey, when Charlie was working on your recovery, it really took a lot of effort, also our family is doing their best to help……”

By the way, Elaine’s face remained unchanged and she sighed:

“Unfortunately, when the old lady of the Willson family died, when Charlie asked her to lend some money,”

“Not only didn’t lend him a penny, but also at the birthday banquet in public,”

“He scolded him badly, it was really excessive!

Aunt Li hastily thanked: “You are really thoughtful, thank you!”

Elaine waved her hand smiling and said, “Well, you’re welcome”

“My good son-in-law was talking about you, of course we also want to do our part”.

With a worried face, he asked, “By the way, are you all better?”

“Yup.” Aunt Li nodded and said, “At first, I had an operation and have already recovered.”

“All right!” Elaine said with a relieved face, “In the future,”

“You have to take care of your health, my son-in-law knows a very famous doctor”

“It seems to be called Shi something, oh yes, Shi Tianqi! Let me take you to check it out later!

Aunt Li smiled weakly and nodded her head in thanks: “Thank you, you have a kind heart!”

When Charlie heard Elaine say this, he couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotions in his heart.

First of all, he is naturally saddened by his mother-in-law’s lying skills,

Which is really the best in the world, no matter what kind of heartfelt false words,

He can open his mouth, this is truly unparalleled.

Secondly, he laments the huge turnaround in their lives.

By Mrs. Willson’s birthday party, he was reduced to mob-trampled rubbish,

Her life had really hit rock bottom and she has been flying skyward ever since.

At that moment, the captain entered the cabin from the cockpit and very politely said:

“Distinguished guests, I am the captain of this flight, I am pleased to serve you”,

“We have about eleven hours of flight, if you are all ready we can take off”.

Elaine unconsciously went and pulled out her cell phone, wanting to ask the captain to go back and start over,

But when he thought there were still a lot of people around, he had to give up,

But in his heart he still wanted to show off, so he said to Claire:

“Claire, call your father, tell him to hurry up packing and get the Rolls Royce in motion to meet us at the airport.”

Claire said helplessly, “Mom, didn’t you hear what the captain just said, we have to fly more than 10 hours……”

“Oh……” Elaine suddenly realized, and then waved her hand and said,

“It doesn’t matter, just tell him to pick us up at the airport an hour early.”

Claire never liked high profiles, so she said, “Hey mom, don’t let dad pick us up in the car again.”

“Him driving that car is way too obvious, if I say, why not let Charlie book a big car,”

“Not only the three of us can sit, Aunt Li, Xiaofen and Claudia can also sit together.”

Elaine got angry: “I’ll talk to him!”


The plane took off early, carrying six people out of New York, flying to China.

Eleven hours later, the plane finally landed at Aurous Hill airfield.

Returning to the long-lost Aurous Hill, both Charlie and Claire, as well as Aunt Li and Xiaofen, all felt very warm.

Claudia looked very calm and chatted a lot with Xiaofen along the way, but Charlie could also tell that she seemed a little nervous and uncomfortable.

He understands this little girl’s feelings, after all she’s only a teenager,

He suffered too much suffering, and now leave the country to start a new life in a city more than 10,000 kilometers away,

The nervousness and apprehension and even confusion and anxiety are understandable.

But Charlie didn’t say anything to convince her, because he knows her temper,

This girl is not very old, but her mind is already very mature and she believes that she will be able to adapt quickly.

At that moment it was already nine in the evening in Aurous Hill.

Charlie had already arranged in advance for Issac to pick up Aunt Li and the girls at the mansion that had already been set up.

Since Claire and Elaine were there, Issac was unable to appear, so he arranged a luxury modified Toyota Kost to pick them up.

The main reason for arranging such a large bus is because considering Aunt Li and the three of them returned from overseas and settled down,

The luggage they brought with them must be a lot, such a car can comfortably accommodate six people and all their luggage.

At the airport entrance, Aunt Li and the girls met the driver who had been waiting for a long time.

The driver and an assistant diligently helped them load several suitcases into the car,

And Aunt Li looked at Elaine and asked, “Ms. Mom, this car is big enough, why don’t we go together?”

Elaine waved her hand and smiled, “Sister Li, we won’t go with you guys, we’ll wait for my husband to pick us up.”

Saying he can’t help but curse, “This idiot, told him to come first”

“Why hasn’t he shown up yet? If he dares to make me wait, I’ll tear him apart!