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  • Jan 07, 2023

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5224 Start

Horiyah skipped a smile and waved,

“Oh, forget it, you also talk about an old master of yin and yang and narrow-mindedness”

“I can’t see others living better than you, these two points I know better than anyone else”

“I also don’t wear my warm face to your cold ass, going first, goodbye.”

Having said that, he pressed the accelerator pedal,

The Mercedes-Benz let out a roar of its engine, leaving the three far behind.

Elaine’s body shook with rage, she grit her teeth and cursed:

“Fcuk, this woman dares to be so crazy with me, she must have found an opportunity to turn around!”

Claire casually said: “It’s good if the aunt can have a chance to turn around”

“Their family was really in trouble before, not to mention their grandmother,”

“Uncle and cousin, I hear they’ve been in bed,”

“Almost unable to take care of themselves”,

“Everything depends on her, now that they have the money, the days are much better for them.”

Elaine angrily said, “I tell you, Claire, in this world, anyone can live well, but only this family can’t!”

Claire was surprised and asked, “Why? Mom, in the end, we are all a family”

“Blood is thicker than water, although the two families don’t get along very well anymore, but they are still related.”

“No!” Elaine gritted her teeth and said, “Let me tell you”

“Sometimes the people who want to mortally wound you are the ones who are close to you!”

“You don’t know how ruthless this cursed Horiyah is!”

Speaking of this, Elaine couldn’t help but remember the time,

When Horiyah cheated and almost cheated for her family money.

That time, if it hadn’t been for Charlie, it really would have been over.

It’s also at that moment that Elaine really realized that they could have eaten her alive if given a chance.

Therefore, Elaine in Horiyah, was very hateful and very distrustful!

The reason she was close to Horiyah was that Horiyah licked Elaine like a pug,

So that Elaine found a great sense of superiority,

And she liked that feeling of trampling Horiyah underfoot,

At the same time she was also concerned about the stretching sensation in her thighs.

However, even if he takes Horiyah to eat, drink and play every day,

He still always remembered that Horiyah is a snake scorpion who eats people without spitting bones,

And she must always be careful to prevent him from biting her again.

Originally, he thought Horiyah was certainly impossible to deliver in this life,

But I didn’t expect it, this bitch turned around so fast!

He remembered the logo he had just seen on the back of the car and couldn’t help but ask Charlie:

“Good son-in-law, what kind of car is the g500, is it very expensive?”

“g500……” Charlie casually said, “that’s a Mercedes-Benz big g in that”,

“A little stronger than the g350, a little worse than the g63.”

Elaine off the cuff: “Isn’t capital g g63? How come the g500 is also one of the big g’s?

Charlie laughed “G series cars are called big ge g500 though not as expensive as g63”

“But also not cheap, and the car has always had a premium, costing more than two million.”

“What do you mean?!” Elaine was wide-eyed, shocked beyond words:

“Just that g500, is it worth more than two million?

“Yup.” Charlie nodded, “More than two million is definitely needed, it’s a big g after all.”

Elaine was so angry that she kept stamping her feet:

“Damn! God is blind! Horiyah can afford to drive a two million dollar car!

“How can he do that? The family is so poor that they can’t even find the vase.”

“But they still drive a two million dollar Mercedes Benz big G. Where did he get that face!”

Charlie said sincere words: “Mom since people can afford to buy such an expensive car”,

“It is certainly not impossible to discover the vase”,

“Before they could actually discover the vase”,

“But now it looks like they’ve really turned around.”

Elaine remembered something and frowned, “Really, Wendy? I think I’ve heard her say before, ”

“Wendy’s committed to that etiquette company, business seems to be doing pretty well,”

“Damn, I thought he was working, I didn’t expect to make so much money!”

Charlie shook his head: “Mom, it’s unlikely, even if Wendy’s income is good”

“A year to go, it is estimated to buy half of a large g”,

“Not to mention that he seems to have only made a few months where he can make so much money.”

Wendy is the etiquette company situation, Charlie is actually still relatively clear,

After all, that company was shut down to get it running in the first place.

With the collaboration of Orvel and Issac, the etiquette company is doing good business this time,

If according to the general etiquette, the company plays hard to squeeze the model of the etiquette lady,

That company can really make a lot of money. However, Wendy is now considered reformed,

And he also experienced the ordeal of being victimized, so the company is sincere,

Not only is the commission levy lower, but it has also created many benefits for the workers.

Just to buy a commuter car for women and hire a full-time driver, that’s a considerable expense.

Also, the company’s net income doesn’t go 100% into Wendy’s pocket,

Wendy can only get a small portion, so from the calculation,

One year down, these earnings to justify a Mercedes are unrealistic.

Elaine heard this, with a horrified face she asked, “If it’s not Wendy, then is it hard for Horiyah to buy it herself?”

“This… this is also impossible… Horiyah, this lazy old woman doesn’t have much net,”

“And he doesn’t have much skill, what can he do to make a business?”