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With that said, Charlie looked at Jacob and said with deep meaning:

“With mom’s temper, even if you two divorce, if she knows you and Aunt Han will rekindle”

“He definitely won’t let you go. By then, it will definitely be unbearable”

“Unless you two leave Aurous Hill and never come back, and don’t let her know where you are.”

Jacob looked up at the sky and sighed: “Charlie… you’re right…”

“I’m scared of Elaine’s lingering ghost! For more than twenty years”

“I dreamed of getting rid of her every day”

“But this woman is like a devil, and it’s impossible for me to let her go.”

Charlie lightly said, “This kind of thing needs you to fight for it”

“First you’re scared, so what’s the point of talking about other things?”

After we spoke, Charlie said again: “I didn’t finish what I just said”

“Aunt Han and Professor Watts are both back from the States, right,”

“And they graduated from the best prestigious universities.”

“They are senior intellectuals in the truest sense of the word. Whether they’re in the United States or China,”

“They all have high social status and belong to the absolute elite class.”

“That alone makes them a good match. On the contrary, besides being Aunt Han’s first love”,

“Dad, you have no advantage over Professor Watts.”

Jacob said depressedly, “Isn’t he just reading more books than me? Is there something better than me in him?”

Charlie said seriously, “Dad, he’s better at work than you.”

“He is an adjunct professor and vice president of the School of Finance and Economics.”

“If he’s willing to go to a top university, they’ll rush to invite him there,”

“And her living habits are better than yours. Her body handling is also better than yours.

“He runs and takes care of his fitness every day. He’s 50, he looks like a 30”

“It happens that Aunt Han also likes to run, the handling of the body is also fine,”

“The two must have all kinds of chats. It’s the best choice for Aunt Han to be with him,”

“And I think the two of them will be very happy in their later years.”

Jacob was so depressed that he almost died, choked, and said:

“Charlie, are you here to convince me or to make things difficult for me?”

“You speak as if you were right to give up on me.”

Charlie nodded and said seriously, “It’s not just right, but very right.”

Charlie knew very well that once things like feelings become a pain, they have to be cut fast.

It was as if there was a small wound on one leg, but the wound repeatedly deteriorated and did not heal,

Then the leg must be cut off sharply, otherwise the whole body will suffer.

Jacob’s style of behavior, as he himself said, is so cowardly as hell,

Not only to Elaine but to himself as well, how could he give himself heavy medicine to cure his psychological pain?

Therefore, this kind of thing can only be done by his son-in-law.

So, he patted Jacob on the shoulder and comforted him:

“Dad, forget it, admit defeat, Professor Watt is much better than you in all respects”,

“Don’t watch yourself live in a big mansion and drive a Cullinan”

“You really use yourself in terms of strength, eighty percent of you cannot be compared to Professor Watt alone.”

“Aunt Han is with him and you should be convinced you lost.”

“If you still have reluctant thoughts in your heart, it is a sign of overestimation.”

“Who said this?” Jacob was extremely confused, but still bit the bullet and said:

“I think I should hurry up and make a change now, and I’ll be no worse than Pollard!”

Charlie said with a smile, “You can’t beat someone and insist on a sneak attack.”

“What’s the use of talking about it? If you’re really in the arena,”

“If you keep fighting for a few more rounds, you will die!”

“Tell yourself, what is your condition? Better than Professor Watt”

“You can say anything, anything! I don’t want to say more”

“Professor Watt dares to love and hate, dares to speak aloud if he loves, openly pursues”

“That alone will throw you thousands of miles out of the league.”

“I…” Jacob didn’t know how to retort.

Pollard is so much better than him in every respect.

This time he went to South Korea for cultural exchange,

And what Pollard did on the subject really took everyone by surprise,

And his level directly impressed all the participants from both sides.