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  • Jan 18, 2023

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5257 Beginning

Sister Xian’s voice came from the opposite side:

“Hi, yes I am leaving now and may not be able to wait for your delivery.”

“Please put my courier in the center of the property and I will pick it up when I get back.”

Charlie casually said, “Sorry, you may have dialed the wrong number.”

“Oh?” Sister Xian exclaimed and said, “Let me have a look…”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I really made a wrong call. I’m sorry to bother you!”

“Okay. “Charlie didn’t say much, then hung up.

It is common to make wrong calls, and the interlocutor’s words are very close to life, which did not make him suspicious.

But right now, Maria has fully confirmed Charlie’s identity.

She didn’t expect that after coming to China from Northern Europe, everything would go so smoothly!

After a trip to Eastcliff, she discovered Charlie’s true identity,

And then he made up his mind to come to Aurous Hill to try his luck;

And when she got to Aurous Hill, she found Charlie’s phone number,

And he confirmed that he is a resident of Aurous Hill,

And he also has a close relationship with his future classmate!

Maria couldn’t help but think of the contact address left by Claudia.

If you look for it according to that address,

While he may not be able to find Charlie, he will definitely be able to find Claudia.

After finding Claudia, Charlie isn’t far away!

Maria replayed the video in her mind, she was so excited she almost jumped up.

However, he didn’t make the next move right away,

But she returned to the Rolls Royce alone, sat in the co-pilot, thinking about her next plan.

He muttered to himself, “Even though Charlie is close,”

“I can’t go to him immediately, let alone appear before him now.”

“The most natural way right now is not to meet him yet”,

“Wait patiently until school starts, after school starts”,

“Get to know Claudia and become friends, and then find an opportunity through her to meet him for the second time.”

“I have already prepared Cathy’s identity and background”,

“A series of foreshadowing and preparations for coming to Aurous Hill to go to school has been completed”,

“If Claudia and I can become friends, even if Charlie suspects”

“That I have ulterior motives, can not find any substantive evidence.”

Thinking about this, he breathed a sigh of relief and cheerfully muttered:

“That’s right, I’ve wanted to come to Aurous Hill for a long time”

“But I didn’t have a chance. I can take advantage of this free time to visit the places of interest here.”

At that moment, suddenly, his cell phone rang,

And the caller ID showed that the caller was Ethan who was away in Eastcliff.

Then he plugged the phone in and Ethan’s voice came from the other end of the phone:

“Miss, have you arrived at Aurous Hill?”

“When do you think it would be appropriate for me to come?”

“At any time.” Maria knew what she was thinking and divination showed that her life expectancy was six months at most,

And his only chance at life was at Aurous Hill,

So although he didn’t say it, it must be very pressing in his heart to find that ray of life.

Ethan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the word “anytime” and said respectfully:

“Miss, if that’s the case, then I’ll be off to Aurous Hill to meet you later, and by the way I’ll meet Larry.”

Maria said, “Okay, before you take off, tell Larry to have someone pick you up at the airport.”

“Good.” Ethan said, “I’ve sorted out some local relationships in Aurous Hill.”

“Although some people have retired, they have always kept their promises at Aurous Hill.”

“Then let them help you investigate the Charlie you’re looking for!”