Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5268 Free Novel

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  • Jan 20, 2023

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5268 Start

Nanako snapped: “Then it’s decided, let’s go on the 5th!”

“By the way, Odosang, can you come back later? I want to stay at Aurous Hill for a few more days.’

Yuhiko nodded, “It depends on you.”

Nanako said cheerfully, “Then it’s a deal!”

Yuhiko asked her, “Since you want to live longer, do you want to buy a house in Aurous Hill?”

“If you stay in a hotel all the time, I’m afraid it will be too boring.”

Nanako asked him with wide eyes, “Okay, Odo-san? Can we buy a house in Aurous Hill?

Yuhiko Ito shook his head helplessly:

“You are the head of the Ito family. Do you have the final say on how the money is spent?”

“Is fantastic!” Nanako hurriedly said to Tanaka Koichi, “Tanaka-san,”

“If you have nothing to do, why not leave for Aurous Hill tomorrow morning?”

“And find a suitable home first.” Koichi Tanaka said without hesitation:

“No problem, miss, I’m leaving tomorrow morning.”

After that, he asked again: “By the way, miss, do you have any requirements for the house?”

Nanako thought about it for a while and said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s bigger, quieter and more remote.”

“You can’t find a Japanese style house in Aurous Hill”

“But I don’t want that kind of fancy decoration.”

“It is better to be simple and generous. By the way, you can buy a few cars.

“And pick some home workers who know Chinese well and can handle it.”

Tanaka nodded and said, “Okay miss, then I’ll pick a good person to take with me this time.”

“Once you’ve picked the house, if you need to make any changes, I can get started right away.”

Nanako instructed: “Arrange a private jet, always wear a mask and sunglasses”,

“In your current situation, you should minimize your exposure.”

“Also, after you get to Aurous Hill, you can do things yourself and not disturb Charlie.”

Koichi Tanaka respectfully said, “Okay ma’am, I’ll pay attention.”

Nanako got up and excitedly said, “Then Dad and I will be waiting for your good news!”

After he finished speaking, he turned and ran outside.

Yuhiko asked loudly from behind, “Nanako, where are you going now?”

Nanako said without looking back, “I’m going to the Temple of the Golden Pavilion and ask for a guardian for Charlie!”

The imperial guards in the Japanese population can almost be equated with Chinese amulets.

Yuhiko muttered, “This silly girl, Mr. Wade has great powers,”

“Why would he need the guardian of Kinkakuji Temple…”

“The guardian you ask at Kinkakuji Temple may not even be qualified to wear Mr. Wade’s shoes.”

“How can the amulet in the temple protect the dragon…”

Koichi Tanaka deliberately lowered his voice to the opposite side and said:

“My lord, you may not know that guarding the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is actually a sign of love for girls.”

“They’ll just ask the keeper there for their better half…”

“Really?” Yuhiko asked in surprise, “Not even the family has the qualifications?”

Hiroshi Tanaka smiled and said, “Young people think the guardian of Kinkakuji Temple”

“It can help in marriage. If you want to ask for other things for your family, you can go to other temples.”

Yuhiko was slightly surprised and said with a helpless smile:

“She’s really a girl who doesn’t want to stay.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something,

He nervously looked at Koichi Tanaka and asked, “Tanaka, Nanako will buy a house in Aurous Hill”

“He won’t suddenly decide to settle in China one day, right?”

“Uh…” Koichi Tanaka scratched his head, said Sincerely:

“My lord, I think what you said is also possible… Even if Mr. Wade is married,”

“I can tell that your feelings for Miss are very special…”

“In time, maybe he can have a positive relationship with Miss.”

“Hey…” Yuhiko sighed: “If he can really get what he wants”

“No matter where she lives in the future, I will support her…”