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  • Feb 14, 2023

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In less than two minutes, Elaine’s 2,000 yuan ads were gone. She was stunned and she couldn’t help but curse to herself:

“This is fucking money, right? 2,000 yuan disappeared in the blink of an eye. Already?!”

But what he didn’t know was that the faster the promotional expenses were spent, the greater his advertising exposure would be.

Also, the push and volume logic of the short video platform is based on algorithms. If a video has a high click-through rate and high completion rate, the algorithm will list this video as high-quality content,

And you can get high quality content to continuously get more traffic.

As long as the conversion performance of this video doesn’t decrease, the system will deviate it continuously.

Sometimes an internet celebrity with tens of millions of fans submits a video and there are only tens of thousands of likes, but often there are some videos that only have tens of thousands of fans, but the number of likes can exceed the million,

Becoming the most popular video in the world. It is a hit on the Internet, because the quality of this video itself is extremely high and the data performance is excellent. The platform has even actively pushed this video to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of other new users.

As for Elaine’s video, the click through rate and completion rate are outrageously high!

Thus, the number of viewers of this video quickly reached hundreds of thousands, followed by waves of likes, favorites and comments!

Soon Elaine was stunned by the countless comments. She found that the number of likes and thousands of comments on her video quickly exceeded 10,000!

Although she has been on the short video platform for a long time, almost none of the boring random photos she posted could get 10 likes.

So when she saw so many likes and comments, she felt that all this was not so real, like if the casino slot machine suddenly hit three 7’s and the number in the amount column keeps increasing, it gave her the illusion of being in a dream.

However, all of this is true.

The content of this video itself is very explosive and its nature is extremely negative, so all ordinary people will feel righteous indignation when they see it.

This is exactly why the data in this video is outrageous!

Soon, the number of views quickly exceeded one million and it took less than 5 minutes to go from 1 million to 2 million.

According to the short video platform’s background algorithm, this video is currently the best performing video on the entire platform, not one of them.

It was a work posted by a major internet celebrity with tens of millions of fans, and it was nowhere near as popular as this work!

As a result, traffic on the entire platform leaned madly towards this video tonight.

At this time, countless netizens grit their teeth and scolded Horiyah in front of the cell phone.

Among them, there are many people who have seen Horiyah’s live broadcast, and there are many of her fans as well.

People buy things from Horiyah’s live broadcast room because they feel that this woman is really pitiful, and she is really very tough, with the traditional virtues of being virtuous and hardworking.

In addition, these fans usually don’t know much about live streaming, and they don’t know how much money Horiyah can earn when they spend 100 yuan to buy things in Horiyah’s live broadcast hall.

Everyone thought that if they bought something worth 100 yuan, Horiyah would only earn a maximum of one or two yuan.

They thought she had worked so hard to sell the goods, only to earn some medical bills for her husband and child and some living expenses for her mother-in-law. That’s all.

But who would have thought that this woman could earn hundreds of thousands from the viewers of these live broadcast halls just for an ordinary live broadcast on weekdays!

What’s even more infuriating is that all of this was directed and acted by this same woman!

The real Horiyah shown in this video is completely opposite to her appearance in the live broadcast room.

She beat and scolded her husband and son who were paralyzed in bed, with no respect.

She was also harsh and rude to her mother-in-law who was over 80 years old.

In his body, where he sees some traditional virtue, what he sees is almost all despicable and dirty!

In addition, he brazenly speaks, cursing his fans.

This is just too much!

As a result, many people ran to comment on Horiyah’s latest short video, scolding her, and many also started complaining and reporting to some official accounts.

Soon netizens exploded.

They didn’t expect such a cheeky woman in the city where they lived, so they spread this video on various channels, especially in WeChat Moments and WeChat groups.

At that moment, Horiyah had just arrived in the luxurious suite of a five-star hotel.

During the trip, she had already called the hotel housekeeper and asked her to prepare water for her bath, as well as imported bath salts and lots of fresh rose petals.

So, as soon as she arrived at the hotel, she quickly took off her clothes and immersed herself in the comfortable whirlpool tub.

After taking a bath, she made an appointment for an essential oil massage at the hotel. She lay down on the bed, closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage until she fell asleep,

And then fell asleep with a body full of essential oil. For Horiyah it had become the best way to relieve fatigue.

Being a big customer of the hotel, she doesn’t care what happens when the quilt and sheets get dirty,

Because no matter how messy the room is, if she comes back tomorrow after leaving, the place will be tidy and spotless.

This is also an important reason why Horiyah especially like to stay in hotels recently.

At that moment, Horiyah was lying in the bathtub with her eyes closed and her mobile phone was placed on the stone platform next to the bathtub.

Because she is already an Internet celebrity, countless users of the short video platform send her private messages, comments and likes every day, so she has already turned off the push function of the short video platform.

So even though there were already tens of thousands of people attacking and insulting her in various ways, she was still kept in the dark.

Right now, Noah and Harold, who were paralyzed in bed, had no chance to surf the internet because they couldn’t hold their cell phones with both hands.

And old Mrs. Willson went to bed early because she was so tired of serving the two of them. Wendy was still working overtime at the company for meetings, so no one told Horiyah about the internet.

And Elaine’s video is still brewing.

Right now, Elaine couldn’t shut her mouth in excitement seeing the countless views and number of likes and comments.

But the only regret is that although its video playback volume has reached several million, its fans have not increased much, only a few thousand people.

After another ten minutes, the incident became more fermented. Elaine’s video had surpassed 10 million views, and many news software also began urgently publishing news feeds in response to this incident.

Suddenly, more articles were kicked out one after another.

“Internet celebrities sell miserable live broadcasts, make hundreds of thousands a day”

“Use the sympathy of others to earn hundreds of thousands a day, don’t let the public feel cold! “

“Live broadcasts with goods are often chaotic, and another Internet celebrity rolls over!”

Horiyah opened her eyes when she heard the cell phone notification popping up continuously and took out her cell phone.

He looked at the screen filled with notifications and realized that another internet celebrity had flipped.

However, she hadn’t realized that the person who capsized was herself.

Instead, he gloated and said to himself, “I don’t know which unfortunate boy has been exposed again. If they were cautious like me,

“Within three or five years it is definitely impossible to be exposed, even if it is exposed in three or five years, so what?”

“Anyway, I’ve made enough money, and when the time comes, I’ll fly straight to a country where no one knows me with my passport, and enjoy a good life.”

As he said it, he couldn’t help but sneer and mutter in his heart, “When my live broadcast is stable for another two months,”

“I will take the time to open an internet celebrity brokerage firm and cultivate more anchors like me,”

“And use my account to divert to them and let them grow to make money for me.”

“That way, my ability to absorb money will be much stronger than it is now.”

“If I can make a billion, I will immediately immigrate to Europe or the United States.”

“I’m not taking any of these people with me! One billion yuan is definitely enough to live my life in style and debauchery!”

By this time, Horiyah had already started fantasizing about holding billions of dollars of wealth.

Live a life spending money like water and enjoying money abroad.

Right now, he clicked on one of the tweets, wanting to see who was unfortunate enough to be exposed on the internet on such a massive scale.

And the button that he clicked, after opening it, played the video uploaded by Elaine first.

Before he could recognize what the sneak snap was, his own voice came out of the speaker: “Damn, this cowl is too fucking hot!”