Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5323 Free Novel

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  • Feb 15, 2023

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5323 Start

Suddenly hearing your voice in the parking lot credits of an Internet celebrity,

The impact on Horiyah is no different than a netizen,

Downloading a video from an unhealthy website and seeing your face shaking after opening it.

His inner defenses were breached almost instantly,

And she slipped straight into the bathtub due to excessive nervousness,

Taking a sip of the bath water that smells of milk and salt.

Immediately, she stood up in a panic and looked at the phone again in shock.

This time, her eyes were as wide as a pair of copper bells,

And her heart rate suddenly seemed to double faster!

The self in the picture bullies and teaches the Willson family a lesson.

Isn’t that what happened less than an hour ago?!

Looking at it from this angle, it was a stealthy shot from a small gap in the balcony curtain. Who did it?!

Also, what he couldn’t figure out was that the doors and windows,

The villa was all laminated and had cable system doors and windows.

It is said that to ensure acoustic and thermal insulation,

The glass interlayer must be filled with inert gas.

With the doors and windows closed, even if the fireworks are set off,

He can barely hear the sound of the explosion.

This video was clearly shot from outside, so why is the sound recorded so clearly?

It’s like people are talking right in front of her eyes.

Horiyah is actually smarter than Elaine in general,

But at this kind of intelligence, she’s not as good as Elaine.

Elaine lives in her own type of mansion,

And he already knew that candid shots from outside can only capture video,

Not healthy, so he used Gina and others and gave them a reasonable division of labor,

And one person took a video outside.

And one tried to secretly record the sound inside.

Although the soundproofing of the doors and windows of the villa has been reached to the extreme,

It’s only for the outside,

And the interior doors aren’t particularly reinforced, so Elaine took the loophole.

At that moment, Horiyah knew very well that since these videos had been exposed,

His road to riches with live broadcasts and goods had come to an end!

Thinking that after this video was exposed,

It would affect his potential income by hundreds of millions or even billions!

Taking people’s money is like killing their parents.

This old saying is an eternal truth at all times.

At that moment, Horiyah’s heart was filled with hate,

Wanting to find the person who exposed her right away, and then tear her apart!

Soon after, she swiped down on her phone,

I skipped the video and started reading the text of the report.

In the text content, the script of its live broadcast has been fully disclosed,

As well as its approximate data and income from live broadcasting.

And when she saw one of the lines, she got even angrier and jumped out of the tub!

This line reads: “According to a short video platform user named ‘Elaine, a counterfeit fighter’…”