Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5324 Free Novel

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  • Feb 15, 2023

Charlie Wade novel begins chapter 5324

Horiyah was mad with hate at that moment and immediately cursed:

“Elaine! If you cut my luck, I’ll fucking kill you!

After she finished speaking, she stormed out of the bathroom like crazy,

I didn’t mind wiping the drops of water on her body,

Put on his clothes and ran out of the room like crazy,

And then he desperately drove the car to Tomson!

On the way, he went through countless red lights!

At the time, he didn’t have any traffic rules in mind.

He only wanted one thing on his mind,

And that was to find Elaine and tear her apart until she was alive.

And just as Horiyah was rushing towards Tomson, Claire too saw the push as a tide.

When she realized what was happening, she immediately handed the phone to Charlie,

And she said to him: “Husband… Look quickly! It seems that the mother has exposed the aunt…”

Charlie took a look at the video on his cell phone and said in amazement:

“This video appears to have been shot on the terrace outside the second floor of Horiyah.”

“Mother’s legs and feet are not right. How can there be the possibility of climbing up and down the window?

Claire found Elaine’s short video account, pointed to the account name,

And told him, “Look at this exposed account, her name is Elaine, a counterfeit fighter, isn’t she…”

Charlie was stunned and then smiled: “It seems that mom has found an ally…”

“This video must have been recorded in collaboration…”

“Maybe it’s just one person shooting the video outside and one person secretly recording it inside,”

“Otherwise the sound is impossible to be that clear.”

As he spoke, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Could it be the three people who live with Horiyah?”

Claire suddenly said in a panic, “Mother gave Aunt such exposure, Aunt must hate her guts…”

“We said he did something wrong, why would you make enemies anywhere…” “

This…” Charlie laughed twice and said, “Mom, it’s not like you don’t know Horiyah’s character”

“Horiyah is so terrified in front of her, she’ll probably die of rabies”

“Maybe he’s been looking for opportunities to get revenge all this time.” “HEY…”

Claire sighed and said helplessly, “The aunt really has no profit in doing this, but to be honest,”

“I don’t want mom to offend people everywhere…”

Charlie comforted: “Honey, it’s useless to say these things now”

“After all, the video has already been posted by mom, if it comes out in such a situation it will be a problem. But Horiyah won’t dare to come here and cause trouble.

Charlie has just finished speaking, a roar of the engine and a harsh screeching of the brakes immediately broke the darkness of the calm of the neighborhood.

Horiyah stopped the Mercedes-Benz Big G in front of Charlie’s house, and then jumped out of the car, slamming the door hysterically with both hands to make a loud bang,

And at the same time scolding: “Elaine! Bitch, get out of here and see if I don’t kill you!

Elaine pushed her way through the curtains and couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Horiyah frantically banging on the door like a mental patient.

Right now, Elaine wasn’t afraid at all. She turned on the video recording function on her cell phone and pushed the terrace door out on crutches.

Arriving on the terrace, Elaine looked at Horiyah and asked with a smile:

“Oh, Horiyah, what’s wrong with you? Instead of having fun in your hotel at night, you ran to my door and screamed. What are you doing?”

Seeing Elaine’s embarrassed look, Horiyah was so angry that she nearly vomited blood and screamed hysterically,

“Elaine, are you still a fucking human? You fucking surreptitiously took videos of me and fucking exposed them on the internet!”

Elaine pursed her lips and said disdainfully, “Oh, look what you said, I’m now a counterfeit fighter!”

“Any personal grievances, if you broadcast live with goods to deceive the public”,

“I, as a counterfeit fighter, of course, have an inescapable responsibility to expose you!”

Horiyah was so angry that she jumped up and scolded: “Go to hell with your fight against counterfeiting!”

“What are you, others may not know, how can I not know?! You are the most disrespectful person in the whole world!”

“You are jealous and uncomfortable when you see me making money! So you try any means to bring me down! See if I don’t kill you, bitch!

Elaine lay down on the railing, secretly filming a video, and solemnly said:

“Horiyah, I have lived a life of integrity. I can’t rub sand in my eyes!

“Even if you put a knife on my neck, I will still be obliged to expose you without hesitation!”