Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 533 Free Novel

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  • Mar 26, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 533 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 533 Start

Jiro really hated Charlie crazy.

However, he didn’t dare to offend Charlie 10,000 people.

Therefore, he could only bargain with Orvel.

The tone was very religious and said: “Mr. Orvel, can you convey to Mr. Charlie, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s account is only two to three billion, and many sales channels have not paid us back, and we still owe several billion bank loans are we are under great pressure now!”

Orvel said: “Mr. Charlie is always the same, so don’t imagine that you can bargain with Mr. Charlie!”

Jiro begged: “Mr. Orvel, I’m really having a hard time now. If you don’t want to do this, you can ask Mr. Charlie to delay me for two months. After two months, I will definitely give the money, but these two months During the time, he must not let my brother show up and speak up, let alone let him return to Japan!”

“Two months…” Orvel thought for a while, and said: “Wait a moment, I will ask Mr. Charlie.”

After speaking, he immediately sent Charlie a WeChat, telling him Jiro’s request for payment in two months.

Charlie was clearing the dining table. Seeing this WeChat message, he did not hesitate to reply: “Tell him, and then bargain with me, I will talk to his brother, and then I will send his brother back to Japan to grab the property. I ask his brother for 5 billion, and he would agree.”

Ichiro is still hiding in the kennel of Orvel. He knows that there are countless people outside who want to kill him, so he is in panic all day long.

In his opinion, he might die one day. So, if Charlie gave him a chance to return to Japan to regain the property, then he would give Charlie the 80% property he robbed. There will be no hesitation.

What Orvel received from Charlie, and he immediately shared with Jiro: “Kobayashi, you are now bargaining with Mr. Charlie for one billion, but have you ever thought about it, if Mr. Charlie and your brother Ichiro had a good chat , Send him back to Japan to grab the property, Ichiro may promise to pay Mr. Charlie two billion or three billion in remuneration! By then, you will not lose a billion! As far as I know, you Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a company with a market value of tens of billions!”

Upon hearing this, Jiro gritted his teeth and said without hesitation: “Mr. Orvel, please tell Mr. Charlie, I agree! I’ll go raise money now!”

In fact, although there is not much money in the accounts of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company, there are still a lot of deposits in the personal account of Jiro’s father, Masao Kobayashi.

This money was supposed to be his father’s inheritance, and the two brothers shared it together, but as long as his brother Ichiro died, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, as well as all the deposits, cash, antiques, and real estate left by his father, belong to him alone.

Therefore, he did not dare to delay any more. After only ten minutes, he transferred the money to Charlie’s account, and at the same time called Orvel and said, “Mr. Orvel, the money has been transferred to Mr. Charlie’s account. Please let Mr. Charlie check it, and by the way, please send my brother on the road as soon as possible after receiving the money. I hope he will die soon!”

Orvel agreed and said: “Mr. Charlie has always placed the most credibility, don’t worry, as long as the money is received, your brother will be completely resolved and let him evaporate from the world.”

After hanging up the phone, Orvel immediately sent a WeChat message to Charlie and asked: “Mr. Wade, have you received the money from Jiro?”

Charlie replied: “I have.”