Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 546 Free Novel

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  • Mar 31, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 546 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 546 Start

“It’s okay.” Mr. Song said lightly: “It just so happens, by the way, hand over an invitation to the genius doctor Tianqi, inviting him to come to the birthday party.

After that, he pointed to the gate of Clinic and said, “Take me in.”

At this moment, Zhovia happened to be busy in the outer hall of the Clinic. She suddenly saw Mr. Song coming. She hurried forward and asked respectfully: “Master Song, why are you here? Is there any discomfort?”

Grandpa Song coughed, and said with a smile: “When people are old, this body is not as good as one day. The weather is getting colder recently. I have a little bit of cold. I came to your grandfather to asked him to catch some medicine for me.”

Zhovia hurriedly said, “Hurry up take him inside. I will go to the inner hall and call Grandpa.”

After speaking, Zhovia welcomed Mr. Song in, and after Mr. Song sat down, she went to the inner hall and called Tianqi.

Hearing that Mr. Song was coming, Tianqi hurriedly put down what he was holding and walked out quickly.

Tianqi always regarded Mr. Song as a great benefactor, and he was a little grateful to Old Song. After all, he knew Charlie because he was critically ill. He accepted Honor’s invitation and came to see him.

If it weren’t for this incident, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know Charlie.

Therefore, deep down in his heart, he always remembered the love of Mr. Song.

At this moment, Tianqi had just walked out, and the moment Grandpa Song saw Tianqi face to face, he was shocked and speechless!

He never expected that Tianqi suddenly became so young!

Last time he met, Tianqi was clearly a standard Old Master in traditional medicine, with white beard and hair. But now, most of his white hair is black and shiny, and the age lines on his face are much lighter, and his shriveled figure is also full. He looks aware, his complexion was ruddy, and he was full of energy.

And now, Tianqi was originally in his seventies. Because of his good health regimen, he looks like he is seventy years old, but now it seems that Tianqi is also in his sixties!

In the eyes of Mr. Song, this is almost the same as rejuvenation!

He couldn’t understand how Tianqi did it, so much younger at once?

“Look at him, and then look at me. I am 80 this year, only a few years old from Tianqi’s age. However, because I was seriously ill, I have since recovered and stopped vomiting, and I look more old.”

Compared with Tianqi, who is ten years younger now, the two are almost a generation apart!

The shocked Old Master Song couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up tremblingly, and asked in shock, “Brother Shi, how come I haven’t seen you in a few days? Why are you so much different? Looking at you today, I feel you are younger than me. You’re not over 20 years old! Have you found any extraordinary way to keep in good health?!”

Tianqi hurriedly arched his hands and said: “Brother Song, the reason why Shi has made this change is really because of a recent chance.”

Hearing this, the Old Master Song was very envious. He now dreams of encountering the same chance as Tianqi.

Even if he let him spend his wealth, he is willing!

Therefore, he asked Boyu to retreat temporarily, only when he and Tianqi were left, he cautiously asked: “Brother Shi, I wonder if you can reveal, where did your chance come from?”

Tianqi said apologetically: “Brother Song, please forgive me, I promised, this matter can’t be told!”

When the Old Master Song heard the words, his eyes flickered, and he blurted out: “The chance that the Old Master said, it is nothing but Mr. Wade?!”