Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 577 Free Novel

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  • Apr 01, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 577 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 577 Start

“you you……”

Panming was so angry that Jones Jian’s fierce face made his chest rise and fall violently!

He never dreamed that the son-in-law that he had always admired and liked would suddenly become a vicious jackal! he wants to kill him now!

He tremblingly scolded: “Jones Jian, I am really blind, and I marry my daughter to you ungrateful thing!”

How can Jones Jian care that Panming is his father-in-law?

He is only afraid that Charlie and Orvel will really kill him! Then he really lost a lot!

If someone is really going to die today, it would rather be his father-in-law than himself!

Moreover, today’s matter itself was caused by the Old Master. If he hadn’t been asking him to trouble Jacob and his son-in-law Charlie, how could he have this end? !

So, he pointed at Panming and cursed: “Panming, you old dog! Today I offend Mr. Charlie and Orvel, completely because of your old dog’s instruction! So it is fair for you to die. Why? Let me die for you?!”

“You bullsh*t!” Panming waved his hand hurriedly and said to Charlie: “Oh, Master Wade, don’t believe this [email protected]’s nonsense. I didn’t instruct him to target you and your father-in-law. It was his own opinion to find you. Don’t let him fool you!”

Jones Jian cried and said, “Mr. Charlie, you must keep your eyes open! Think about it, I have no grievances and no grudges against you, why should I come to mock you for nothing? It’s not like Panming, he has been jealous of your father-in-law who had soaked in his beloved woman. He couldn’t let it go for so many years, so he was always thinking about revenge and hatred, so he asked me to help against you and your father-in-law. Now he is shamelessly trying to get rid of the relationship. You must not let it go. Pass him!”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “Don’t worry, the fate of this old dog will be miserable. The crime of taking advantage of his position and being greedy for so much money is enough for him to die in prison, I believe. He will be arrested if he does not leave tonight!”

When Panming heard these words, his heart shook, his legs softened, and he knelt on the ground with a thump, begging for mercy: “Master, Master Wade, don’t toss uncle. Uncle, this old bone wouldn’t survive for many years. Can’t I kneel down?”

Charlie ignored him, looked at Jones Jian, and asked faintly: “Do you want me to spare your life?”

Jones Jian hurriedly nodded his head like pounding garlic and blurted out: “I beg you, Mr. Charlie, to show mercy…”

Charlie said, “It’s okay to spare your life, but as I said just now, we need to see an ethical drama where the son-in-law beats the Old Master, so you should know what to do?”

How could Jones Jian not understand Charlie’s words.

At this time, he had long hated Panming, who was throwing the pot to him, so he didn’t care that he was his father-in-law. He broke free of Orvel’s bodyguard, rushed in front of Panming, and hit him in the face with a punch.

After all, Panming was too old. He slammed this fist and fell to the ground with an ouch.

On the one hand, Jones Jian had hatred in his heart, and on the other hand, he hoped that he could behave better, so that Charlie would reduce his anger a little bit, so there was no softness in his hands!

Not only did he have no mercy, but he also beat Panming to death.

Panming has a handful of old bones, which is Jones Jian’s opponent. Jones Jian rides on him, presses on his head, and beats his old face like crazy, so painful that he just exchanges, no, no Stop begging for mercy.

But at this time, he begged Jones Jian for mercy, how would Jones Jian care about him?

So Jones Jian cursed: “You old dog, you have more to die, I f*cking beat you to death!”