Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 582 Free Novel

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  • Apr 01, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 582 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 582 Start

Horiyah said: “Sister Lian, let me introduce to you. This is a poker friend I told you before. Her name is Elaine. Like you, she also likes playing mahjong and she has very good skills in cards. She has always been willing to bet and lose.”

Elaine hurriedly said to this woman at this time: “Hello, sister Lian!”

Sister Lian nodded lightly and smiled: “It just so happens that I have been missing a permanent long-term poker friend. If you are interested, you can often come and play with me and with Horiyah in the future.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Oh, that’s really great. To tell you the truth, I have a regular poker friend but she is going to the United States, I can’t find a regular poker player to play cards!”

Sister Lian stretched out her hand and said to Elaine politely: “Hello Elaine, my name is Lian, welcome!”

Elaine shook hands with her quickly.

Lian said again: “Oh, you see, my villa is basically idle after it’s installed, so I just used it as a venue for my sisters to play mahjong.”

Elaine was envious, such a big villa, used to play mahjong, is really more luxurious than Shehlain’s.

Immediately, she looked around the Tomson First-Class villa.

The decoration of this villa can be considered very luxurious, but it is not as big as the one Solmon White gave to Charlie.

The villa Solmon White gave to Charlie was the largest unit in the entire Tomson, and the Lian’s set was the smallest in the Tomson villa.

But even the smallest units are already very large for most people.

So she asked Lian, “Sister Lian, how much did you spend on buying this villa?”

Lian was stunned, and then hurriedly said: “Hey, it didn’t cost much, the total was about 80 million.”

In fact, this villa is not Lian’s at all, but a film and television company’s property.

After the film and television company bought the villa, it renovated it and built it into an indoor shooting location. Some time ago, a TV series called New Love Apartment was completed here, but the TV series is still in post-production.

After the TV series was completed, the villa was just vacant. The next TV series will not start filming until one month, so it is temporarily rented out to recover the cost.

In order to set up a set for Elaine, Horiyah rented this villa for a price of 5,000 a day, and prepared to do a game here, to take Elaine’s nothing, to report Elaine’s insult on the day.

The best thing is to pit Charlie’s villa over, so that he can turn himself over!

Elaine didn’t know that all of this was a trap against her. She thought that she was lucky today and met a bully and could develop into a long-term cash machine.

So she looked at Lian with a flattering expression and said, “Oh, Sister Lian, let’s play cards together. That’s really suitable. Next month, our family will move into the Tomson Villa. My son-in-law’s villa is at a05!”

Lian had long known that she had a villa in Tomson, if it weren’t for this villa, she would not have come to cooperate with Horiyah and pit Elaine’s savings.

This woman is in her fifties. She has been a croupier in Macau casinos for 30 years. She is definitely one of the best in the wave of poker, whether it’s mahjong, Pai Gow, or Sieve. All, she can played superbly.

This time, Horiyah promised her that Horiyah would find the wrongdoer and kill the game. She would provide technical support, and the benefits would be divided between equally.

Therefore, Elaine thought that Lian was the cash machine, and Lian regarded her as a big fat pig, and was about to split her in half and split her into half with Horiyah!