Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 599 Free Novel

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  • Sep 09, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 599 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 599 Start

Ron’s four fingers were broken continuously, and he almost passed out with pain.

However, he was overjoyed when he saw that his little brothers had already swung their swords in front of him!

Are you breaking my finger? Then I will let my brothers chop off your fingers!

Charlie didn’t care about it, just a dozen gangsters, not enough.

When he was about to do it, an angry shout suddenly came from outside the door: “f*ck me, stop! Who dares to move Mr. Wade and hack to death on the spot!”

A dozen punks looked up and almost peeed their pants without being scared!


It turned out to be Orvel, the underground emperor of Aurous Hill!

Why is he here? !

At this time, Mr. Orvel brought his most powerful subordinates, and the various guns of these subordinates were by no means comparable to ordinary punks.

After the men with guns came in, they immediately pointed their guns at the gangsters with knives, frightening them all to throw their knives on the ground.

One of the younger brothers was frightened and knelt on the ground with a thud, crying and said, “Great Mr. Orvel, please spare my life!”

When he knelt, everyone else knelt down.

They are nothing more than a bunch of low-level brothers. In front of Orvel, they are like ants, naturally scared to death.

Ron was also shocked.

What happened?

Why is the master Orvel here? !

At this time, Orvel walked quickly to Charlie and blurted out: “Mr. Wade, I’m sorry, I am late!”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “Let your people shut all these young people in the room first.”

Mr. Orvel nodded immediately and asked the younger brothers to shut the group of people into the next room.

Afterwards, Charlie looked at Ron who was pale, and said with a smile: “I said that the twelve rings are good, and it is only four rings now, let’s continue!”

Having said that, he directly broke Ron’s little finger on his right hand…


Ron called out painfully.

Mr. Orvel on the side said: “Mr. Wade, with this kind of little guy, you can’t afford to waste time, so just hand it to me. I will take it to the kennel and let my dozen or so Tibetan mastiffs tear him directly! “

Ron was shocked and blurted out: “Great Mr. Orvel, Great Mr. Orvel, this is all a misunderstanding! I am Weiz’s little brother!”

“Weiz?” Mr. Orvel frowned, “Are you with Weiz?”

Ron nodded repeatedly and cried and said, “Weiz is my elder brother, so counting down, I am also your disciple, master Orvel!”

Mr. Orvel observed at him closely and asked, “Do you know, whose disciple I am?”

Ron subconsciously said: “Great Mr. Orvel, you are the underground emperor of Aurous Hill, of course you are not anyone’s disciples…”

Mr. Orvel slapped his face, pointed at Charlie, and said to him: “I am Mr. Wade’s disciple!”


Disciple, not even the little brother.

The famous Orvel said that he was the disciple of this young man. In other words, he was extremely humble in front of this young man!

Ron was trembling with fright by this relationship chain!

What’s going on?

The second aunt asked him to calculate Lady Willson, and asked that Lady Willson’s son-in-law to ask for a villa. Didn’t expect that the other party was Mr. Orvel’s boss? !

Lian also frightened her legs and weakened. She observed at Horiyah pale, and asked in a low voice, “Who is it that you offend? You want to kill me?!”

Horiyah was also dumbfounded.

She knew that Charlie seemed to be fooling people with Feng Shui, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful!

Elaine was also a little dumbfounded at this time, deed, her son-in-law is really amazing! Fudge so many big people, there is no thunder yet? There are indeed two brushes…