Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 613 Free Novel

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  • Apr 04, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 613 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 613 Start

Noah even planned the use of the money.

First, eight million must be given to Mrs. Willson.

Because the Lady Willson urged the 8 million to death in the past two days, Noah said that the money was being redeemed by the fund manager and had to wait two days, and promised that it would be credited to the Willson Group account tomorrow.

His own plan was to wait for Horiyah to finish pitting Elaine before giving the Lady Willson 8 million and sending her away.

As for the remaining money, he decided to hold it tightly, and must not let the Lady Willson know. When the time comes, he will buy a villa first, and when the Willson family goes bankrupt, he will move there.

Thinking of this, Noah felt more happy, and couldn’t help but sighed: “Elaine, this stinky lady, dare you to have a villa with yourself? Isn’t it cool now? Really deserve it! This money is right. Think of it as paying for your own mental loss!”

For him, he didn’t have any psychological burden at all for ruining Elaine’s bankruptcy.

This kind of stinky lady just wants to cheat, so much more cheat, cheat, cheat to death!

The best thing is that once this stinky lady has money, she should think of something to cheat all her money and turn her into a long-term money bag!