Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 619 Free Novel

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  • Apr 04, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 619 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 619 Start

Old Mrs. Willson did not expect that Jacob, who has always been cowardly, would have a temper in front of her!

She can’t help but feel angry and hate!

For decades, she had been using her majesty to crush Jacob to death, and Jacob had never been able to resist, or even refuted.

Even if she drove him out of the Willson family, he was afraid to let go.

Unexpectedly, he dared to say this to her today!

Are the wings really hard? !

How dare to say that a mother like her, he doesn’t want this kind of rebellious remarks!

It really turned him back!

Just when she was furious and wanted to attack on the spot, so as to protect her dignity and majesty.

Noah on the side had already put down his body and said to Charlie: “Charlie, we are not here to cause trouble today. I have something to find out from your mother-in-law Elaine. So, you can let her come out quickly. I am in a hurry. Ask her about things!”

Charlie naturally knew that Noah must have come to ask about Horiyah.

It is a pity that Noah could not have imagined that Horiyah and Lian’s group had been secretly sent to Jinx. Therefore, to him, Horiyah must be like the world has evaporated.

So Charlie said to Noah: “If you have anything you can tell me, I will tell her.”

Noah hurriedly said: “My wife is lost!”

Charlie pretended to be surprised and asked, “You lost wife? Why did you lose her?”

Noah was very upset at Charlie’s verbal questioning, but still suppressed his temper, and said, “I just can’t find her, so I can’t get in touch anymore. Before she lost contact, she saw your mother-in-law last time, so I came to ask.”

Charlie smiled and said, “This kind of thing can actually be understood without asking.”

Noah blurted out and asked, “What do you mean?”

Charlie said: “I meant it is very simple, I just think your wife should have run away.”

As he said, Charlie shook his fingers and said: “Look at you now, one has no money, two has no power, and three has no nobles to help. It seems that the Willson family will soon be bankrupt and liquidated, and your villa will go out of your hands. You have to take it away from the bank? Aunt has never suffered in her life, she can’t live with you in low-rent housing, right?”

Noah gritted his teeth and said, “This matter has nothing to do with you. You’d better not talk too much!”

Jacob, Charlie’s father-in-law, walked over at this time and said seriously: “Big Brother, I think Charlie’s words are very reasonable. The Willson family is now a bottomless pit. If I’m a sister-in-law, I won’t live with you anymore. After I have passed you, I will take away all your money and go out and start a new life!”

“You…” Noah didn’t expect that, Jacob immediately poked the piece in his heart that he feared the most, and suddenly cursed angrily: “Jacob, don’t guess my wife here! If it doesn’t depend on you For my brother’s sake, I’ve already taught you a lesson!”

As soon as Noah’s voice fell, Charlie slapped his face directly, and he slapped his eyes with gold stars.

Before he came back to his senses, Charlie said coldly: “Noah, you dare to be so presumptuous at the door of my house, forgetting the fate of your son and the Xiaos family?”

Noah was slapped in the face, and he was honest in an instant.

He knows, don’t say what he wants now.