Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 70 Free Novel

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  • Feb 11, 2022

Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 70 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 70 Start

Just as her inner world was turbulent, the elevator had reached the top floor of Shangri-La Hotel.

A service staff at the door bowed slightly and said with a smile: “Miss Claire, on behalf of our Shangglak Hotel, I would like to extend my heartfelt blessings to you and Mr. Charlie for the wedding anniversary tonight.”

Charlie waved his hand and said to her, “You all get back!”

Immediately, all the staff left the scene,

In the entire Hanging Garden, only the world of Claire and Charlie remained.

Claire was in a dream.

At this moment, what is greeted is a huge space with luxurious style.

The gorgeous crystal ceiling casts clear light, making the entire sky garden look elegant and quiet.

The soft piano masterpieces fill the sky garden and slowly occupy people’s hearts, making it hard to feel tension and anger.

Fresh high-end fresh flowers delivered by air from abroad exude bursts of fragrance, not strong or demon, but if anything is changing people’s mood, it is indescribably quiet and beautiful.

At this time, with the change of piano repertoire, the most classic wedding march called a Midsummer Night’s Dream suddenly sounded, and the melodious sound was endless.

When Claire was dizzyingly admiring the beautiful scenery, Charlie had put on a decent suit and was walking towards her with a bunch of flowers.

Every time he took a step, a series of beautiful and gorgeous red hearts wafted up on the floor made of crystal glass.

It seems that these love hearts are dancing with the sound of the piano, giving people a very powerful visual impact.

At this moment, outside the sky garden, countless people look forward to everything that happens inside through the crystal glass exterior wall and floor.

The only regret is that all the glass in the sky garden has been blurred to a certain extent. You can see a pair of young men and a women inside, and the flowers in it are so beautiful.

There is also the red love that keeps popping up on the floor. Countless women are looking forward to it and say: “This is so romantic! I have never seen such a romantic scene in my life.”

“If I were that woman, I would die of heart attack now!”

“Gosh! That man’s figure seems to be a mysterious rich man!”

“It’s a pity that I can’t see his face! Oh! What torture!”

The scenes in the sky garden completely immersed the people who watched the excitement from the outside world.

Thousands of people are looking at it and admiring it with extreme envy. Everyone’s eyes are full of blessings, watching this grand garden that seems to be suspended in the air.

Countless women burst into tears, and felt uncontrollable envy in their hearts. They were even more overwhelmed. They were so jealous that they could not wait to be the heroine of this grand wedding tonight.

Even if people can’t see the real faces of the two tonight, they can still feel how happy the heroine is now.

Charlie walked up to her step by step, pointed at the night view of Aurous Hill outside the French window, and said with affection: “Claire, I love you! I couldn’t give you a wedding back then, I hope this one is only for us A wedding for two, you can like it!”

Claire came back to her senses, covering her mouth, but crying pear blossoms brought rain, tears falling to the ground like pearls, and her pretty face kept falling.

After hearing this, Claire couldn’t help the turbulence in her heart anymore, took a step forward, plunged into Charlie’s arms, and said with tears: “I like it! I really like it! Thank you. Thank you Charlie! Thank you!”

Speaking of this, Claire was even more crying. At this moment, she felt that all the grievances she had suffered in the past three years were worth it!

No matter how Charlie did all this, at least for now, she is very happy, and tonight she is the happiest woman in Aurous Hill!